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‘We ensure to make everyone smile around us” Vivek & Vimal of

This Entrepreneurial Story is about Vivek Vyas & Vimal Popat who Founded ‘Unique Concepts Web Marketers LLP’ located in Rajkot, Gujarat.

About – Shradhanjali-founders

Vimal Popat – A commerce graduate with a view to offer something exciting and useful to the society ; Vimal left the well settled job and took plunge into entrepreneurship. He holds 12 years of experience into sales and man management and developing successful dealerships and agencies. He believes in raising the bar and challenge the limits.

He has successfully managed and developed dealer network with Castrol India ltd, and later managed units of more than 100 successful financial advisers with Tata aig wherein he created many records. His core expertise lies in concept development, execution, testing and man management

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Vivek Vyas – Vivek is a first generation entrepreneur having 7 years plus experience in sales and training. He holds various professional qualifications and believes constant learning as a part of professional life. An initiator and a team player who had been frequently assigned leadership tasks. He was instrumental in developing and training Baroda module bancassurance team of SBI and taking it nationally no.1 during his tenure. His core competency lies in training, relationship management and network development.

He has prepared and rolled out many activities and initiatives for promoting sales, recruitment and agencies which were implemented and proved to be successful. His competency lies in training and network development and wants to plug the gap between real and virtual world.

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When Started: well, we began to build in 2010 which came out in execution approximately a year back.

What motivated you to start your Business?

The concept itself and the emotional appeal it offers and the passion to do something noble for the society motivated us to go for this business.

Tell us about your Business is India’s first online memorial portal which helps us relive the lives of our parted loved ones and ancestors and prepares the complete ready reference for generations to come.

What is a Day in a life of you like?

Being a team of two, most of the work we do is managing data entry, getting work done from outsourced agencies, to recruit new sales agencies and pitch the services to prospective agencies and also walk in clients and yes we ensure to make everyone smile who are around us.

One particular skill you got right and gave you best results.

Well, it is the relationship management skill you can say we have which helps us in a great deal.

What have been your biggest challenges in running your Business so far?

The location, being originated from the small city has some constraints and limitations. You do not get to meet lot of angels/ venture capitalists also people being not so internet savvy makes it bit challenging to showcase the service

How did you overcome these challenges?

We have started approaching various venture and angels either directly or through PR agencies as going forward this project will need funds.

What have you found the most effective way to get new clients?

The uniqueness of the service itself is effective which hits the emotions of every individual

What advice do you give to other business owners?

Being new into the field we stand no position to give advice to business owners. Only the tip we can share is “if you are going through hell, keep going”. Keep an eye on your expenses and don’t expect everyone to take keen interest in your idea/concept. Keep moving towards your goal, perseverance is the only key to success.

How did you keep motivated through difficult times?

Difficult time has not yet come, it’s a smooth and swift going so far.

What are your Marketing, Funding and Team Building Strategy?

Now, we are open to angel funds and expecting funds for technological advancements, advertising and branding. We plan to open operations in Maharashtra, MP, Rajasthan and Karnataka.

Your Achievements?

Following reputed publishers have taken big note of the venture. Some of them are

Appreciation letter from Shri Narendra Modi

lab plorez

MY FM (bhaskar group radio)

Chitralekha world’s leading Gujarati magazine covered the story

Whats your favorite quote?

There are few actually, if I can quote with your permission.

The biggest failure is not to try. – Debbie fields

Strength is life; weakness is death. And

Be a hero, always say I have no fear.

– Swami Vivekananda

And yogah karmashu kaushlam which means skillfulness in action is yoga. – Shrimad Bhagvad Gita

Who inspires you?

My Role models are my parents, Swami Vivekananda and Shri Sanjeev Bhikhchandani of Info Edge founder of

Do you have a Business Philosophy?

Yes, it simply says “get it done”

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