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Company Name : Unlockar

Description : Unlockar Apps Pvt. Ltd is an app development company working on amalgamation of technology and marketing domains
Company Overview : Headquartered in New Delhi, Unlockar Apps Pvt. Ltd was incorporated in October 2013. Unlockar, is start-up working on amalgamating marketing and technology domains, has recently come up with their maiden app-Unlockar for android based phones featuring a concept named as the uScreen. This unique Unlockar app delivers exhilarating user preferred content through a new and intelligent lock screen for your phone. Unlockar is an application that replaces your conventional lockscreen with a new experience. Unlockar displays different wallpapers every time you unlock your phone. These wallpapers may not necessarily be wallpapers itself, they range from scenic wallpapers to memes to advertisements to almost everything else that a picture can show! Also Interestingly very time you unlock your phone, the app rewards you in the form of rupees or uCoins which can subsequently be used to obtain deals, discounts, shopping vouchers, or even bid at auctions at the uShop, Unlockar’s online shopping portal.

What makes this app exclusive are the innovations that enable the phone to have a more rewarding relationship with its users, surprising them every time with new and exciting ways of doing things they always did. Link to app:

The core strength of the company lies in the optimised blend of talent and expertise, with an overall team experience of more than 30 years that boosts up any start-up’s confidence and sustainability. Hitching on to the benefits of the ever changing technology market, Unlockar has been managing the fluid industry by keeping pace with it and also forecasting the trends. With the accelerated usage of smart phones in India, availability of cheap data plans and acceptability of mobile apps, uScreen attempts to change the market dynamics of SOLOMO (Social Local Mobile) interaction for the Indian consumer and provide them with an experience that far exceeds the current global standards. The company aspires to incorporate the uScreen into the daily lives of Indians to function as one of the primary platforms for staying in sync with their social and local updates.

The company is headquartered in New Delhi and registered under the name Unlockar Apps Pvt. Ltd. Unlockar boasts an impressive list of strategic partners including GroupOn,,,, among others. Its reward partners include Bookmyshow, Freecharge and Paytm while its CSR associations are with PetaIndia, CRY and Akshaya Patra.

Unlockar represents the next step in the evolution of the country’s e-commerce scenario by creating a new eco-system of rewards and pay back. By amalgamating marketing and technology domains through its maiden app for android based phones, the uScreen helps you enjoy customised content for your reading pleasure as well as allows you to earn rewards, by doing something you always do – unlock your phone! In the forthcoming years, Unlockar aims to achieve the distinction of the most widely subscribed content network in the mobile industry while launching in overseas markets as well.
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Industry : Mobile Apps
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Location : Unlockar Apps Pvt. Ltd. 608, P.P. Towers, Netaji Subhash Place, New Delhi 110034, India
Key People : Piyush Paul,Director, Marketing; Gopal Yadav, Founder & Director-Corporate Relations; Pulkit Ahuja, Director, Technology and Operations; Manish Garg, Director- Finance
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