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Company Name : TUQ.in

Description : A url shortening and link analytics service providing real time analytics and link control to target specific audience
Company Overview : Tuq.in provides services like url shortening , link analytics and link targeting . It provides rich analytics with detailed breakup of all the data for all the links you create. You can see all the links getting clicked on a real time dashboard. The special part is it also provides filters to control where your link will work like specific devices or websites etc. You can also create a special link called multilink with which you can target multiple links with just one link
Homepage URL: http://tuq.in
Industry : Internet
Number of Employees : 1
Location : 2 c 13 nehru nagar
Key People : Vikrant Mahajan
Social Links
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Tuq.in is currently live and is being used worldwide . Overall analytics of all links getting clicked can also be seen on live site

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