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‘Thinking Big’ Karan Chopra’s G2One Network Pvt LTD

Karan-Chopra-G2OneThis Story is about Karan Chopra Founder of G2One Network Pvt LTD which has I2Mag and 360° Digital Studio under its umbrella and is located in New Delhi.

What motivated you to start your Business?

Being born and bought up in a business family, it always interests me to start my own venture one day, but what I really tangled all mine way before starting it up is to have proper experience, learning and knowledge with me. The one who motivated in all my way is my dad as back support, my mom who always believe in what I am doing, and my sister knows the fact that I will make it. Believe of all these three people in my life, has let me reach at this step.

Tell us about your Business…

I started this company a year ago named G2One Network Pvt. Ltd., based in New Delhi, India and working as Founder and CEO. The company is an on-line interactive agency focused on effective creative solutions based on strategy, media and production.

Currently, offering two products, a tech publication, name I2Mag: Internet and Design Inspiration Magazine, covering international tech news, with timely featuring about Startups, Tech, Social Media, Cloud, Mobile and Gadgets, Software, Funding and Exits and lot more. For I2Mag, I am working in the position of Editor-In-Chief.

The second offering, 360° Digital Studio is all about fun, learning, giving more advances, knowledge sharing, working on very selected projects. This I deal more on non-profit mode, except the few times, when me and my team works on “selected” projects.

What is a Day in a life of you like?

The publication business is not the same the whole week, sometimes if something comes important and i believe that it needs to be published, whether its 2 in the morning or 5 in the evening (after office hours), I do have to work. Like for instance, the time when last time Apple’s result came at 4 in the morning, I worked in one continuous shift of 22 hours, covering each and every thing, in short it will not be same.

But, yes sometimes even it happens too that there is very less work, on such days I usually end up early and take the rest of the time off.

One particular skill you got right and gave you best results….

The time I started the company, I know little about things, talking about practical things here, the more time passes and getting indulge in it more properly, I get to know, actually understand each and everything by heart. Now, whether it would be designing, programming, online marketing or hosting, I know all the things mineself. The skill I got the right is the passion of learning and not believing in depending on others, even if I do have huge staff working under me. The good boss is one who knows everything himself.

What have been your biggest challenges in running your Business so far?

Working in an Internet business environment, and that of publishing in main, is very hectic most of the time, in the starting it is not that much easy actually but with the time, working becomes fun and passion of learning, and i believe in my own case, the challenge turns a better side of me. The second biggest challenge is the people who are working for you and those who are working with you, can work more properly with you only if you treat them equal in a friendly manner. This is what the thing I bring while working and trust me both the things work well for me as of now.

How did you overcome these challenges?

By knowing the fact that I will clear the hurdles no matter how big are they. Hurdles do take time sometimes, but one or many I will make them go out from my way. In short, having self belief lets me overcome whatever the challenges have come so far.

What have you found the most effective way to get new clients?

Networking – the best way through which I got mine clients.

What advice to you gives to other business owners?

Small or big, whatever size business you are doing, all you need to remember is three things:

A. Learn everything what your business requires, then whether it would be of your own field or not (it hardly matters). Even the experience you will get, good or bad, it will be helpful for you.

B. Do believe in competition from the day one, as competition is only thing that make you believe that yes you can beat that other person.

C. Think positive, do not let the negativity comes in you.

How did you keep motivated through difficult times?

By making my mind to understand that Yes, I can do it, after all its my company and there is no one out there who will come to help me out, so it’s my duty as well as responsibility to send this difficult time miles away and make it big. This thinking always keeps me motivated whenever the difficult times come.

What’s your Marketing, Funding and Team Building Strategy

Whatever the person you hire, always go for the ROCKSTAR.

Your Achievements

I can’t say it as achievement in actual as still I have to go a long way, but in the past one year, the time by which I started the company, I am able to launch two of my products under my G2One Network umbrella.

What’s your favorite quote?

‘Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s matter to me’

–Steve Jobs


‘I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well as think big’

– Donald Trump

Who inspires you?

I am a big fan of Steve Jobs; he is one such big idol of mine.

Further, I love watching channels like BBC, Discovery, History and seeing on these channels, when, say for example, people (the company CEO) turns himself as an undercover boss just to see how his company actually doing (it’s a BBC program: Undercover Boss), such things inspires me a lot.

I learned one thing that sounds good to share here, people think getting inspiration is like one time job, but in actual it is a continuous process, I talked above regarding the channels because there is a time in life when you get negative or positive, and then you need real life example, who will pump up your life and again inspire you to do big. That’s why these channels really inspire me as they talk about real people, real life.

Do you have a Business Philosophy?

Yes I do have.

If you want to make big in life, invest on right things, no matter then, whether it would be the time, knowledge, learning or even money too, one day all that investment will come back to you as big return.

– Karan Chopra

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