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Top Lies – What investors say and What they mean


Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist Guy Kawasaki came up with a list of lies investors tell to string along entrepreneurs (keep them hanging) in case something miraculous happens to make them look better. To rescue entrepreneurs from the heartburn and pain of wasted time below is the list of the lies investors tell and Guy Kawasaki who himself is one ... Read More »

Fall of Rupee: Are we headed towards another Entrepreneurship era?


When economists and socialists compare India’s economy to what it was before liberalization, leaving all the economic downturns aside, it brings a small smile to me. Not because I don’t want our nation to grow but to the fact that we are heading towards another Entrepreneurship era. In any B-School jargon, they will teach you the types of entrepreneurship: Opportunity ... Read More »

Checklist for Starting your own Business


If you are stuck with an awesome idea and are planning to go full-time in building your idea to realization then we have this small overview/checklist for you to get started with your dream plan.  Read More »

Marwari Business Experience of an IIMB Alumni – Siddharth Maheshwari’s thoughts on Entrepreneurship


[If you wish to share your thoughts on entrepreneurship with other fellow entrepreneurs, do get in touch with us at [email protected]] After graduating from B-School and having learnt all the Porter’s Model and trick of trades for running business, I was all excited to join my family business as I was eager to implement my leanings in real time. I ... Read More »

5 Types of Consultancy Businesses – Startup Ideas


This is one kind of business which doesn’t require lot of money to start, your expertise in the field is enough to take you places. So what work do consultancies do is this article all about. According to a study published in 2012 by First Research,worldwide, the consulting industry takes in $300 billion annually.  How well – and how large a ... Read More »

How to exhibit and sell your Products without eCommerce website


Starting up requires a skill and if you have a skill of making creative products, handmade, crafts or arts etc and want to sell them to the world you don’t necessarily need to have your own retail store or for that matter your own eCommerce website. There is a horizontal model in which you can exhibit your products on websites ... Read More »

15 Tips to Cut expenses in any startup

15-tips-to-cut expenses

Startup/business will require some money to get started and running but there are many places you can save money and use it for more productive purposes. But please don’t have a mindset to save money where it is required to spend, its like you want to go someplace in car and don’t want to fill petrol to reach there, this ... Read More »

Prepare yourself before Quitting Job and Starting up


We keep getting Queries on whether i should resign and startup?, Is quitting Job and doing business a safe bet etc etc… Here startup-freak  is, with this amazing article will help you with all your doubts hold on. Let me start with this Quote ‘Many people do not become entrepreneurs because they are afraid of failing’ . Now don’t be scared, remember how ... Read More »

Franchising your Business


If you are a Startup and have successfully established your brand and want to expand and add more chains to your network then franchising is the option to go for. And this also brings in an opportunity for the people looking to taste entrepreneurship with limited risk and large benefits. What is Franchising? It is a business concept wherein you allow another ... Read More »

How to Set up and Run a Retail Store


All over world people are shifting to consumerism mentality and setting up a retail store can be a profitable bet if you go about it in a designed fashion. Its not just about finding a shop and selling your products, it can be much more in today’s competitive world. This article covers tips and tricks that you can use for your Retail ... Read More »