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How to Sell, tips to selling the pen and your ice to eskimos

“Sell Ice to Eskimos”… An interesting thing about sales which a lot of sales people tend to forget is to give their prospective customer the reason to get associated with their product. One has to come up with at least one reason for the Eskimo to buy your ice rather than pick the Free ice around them. Now this one …

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20 Tips – How to Write Press Release


Press Release a stuff you write about your company that can be used directly for releasing on Press/Media/Online News. TO know more about Press Release check this out . Below are some Tip and suggestion for you write a awesome press release and get the journalists attention instantly. News release headlines should have a “grabber” to attract journalists Head Line should …

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9 Tips on Guerrilla Marketing for Internet online Businesses


We have already disscussed a quite on Guerrilla marketing in our previous Marketing Ideas and its time to give you some real hot tips on how to go about Guerrilla marketing on Internet for your online Businesses. Getting your business online is becoming like getting oxygen now a days, even if you are a complete offline business, you have to get …

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What is Press Release and how to write one

You have started a business and you want publicity. What do you do? You want newspaper to know about it, if you are big company you want the public to know about it. So what you do is to write a description of what your business does with all the W’s What, Why, Where, When, Etc and submit it to …

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How to Position and Brand your Product


Just like in real world real estate is very costly in your customer’s mind too and occupying that space in your customer minds is all about Positioning and Branding. How do you want your customers to remember your product and react to it. What is Positioning in Marketing terms It is many things but in simple terms it is What …

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How to Define Your Target Audience and Target Market


Good Marketing can get you 80% of the success. Building a great product or service is not enough in today’s world, but to know how exactly to present it to your customer is what gets you success. Target Audience Hey…don’t ever say “everybody is” your target audience, because it a bad plan to impress everyone on this earth. Target Audience is the most …

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What is Email Marketing and How to use it

What is email marketing

Whole world is going mad on the number of users Facebook and twitter are having which is at 900M and 175M respectively. But let me tell you that the  number of user that use email everyday is whooping 3100M, in all sense email Marketing makes sense. What is Email Marketing Its as simple as that “marketing though emails” i.e., When …

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