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Patanjali Brand Story – a disruption strategy of disruptors

How Patanjali uses modern brand strategy to grow past Colgate and challenge P&G, Unilever. The news must have come through to you too: Patanjali reported Indian revenues of around Rs. 5,000 crores (~ USD 750 million) for the last financial year – and in doing so went past Colgate in India. Even more interesting is that Colgate is almost 8 …

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How to Sell, tips to selling the pen and your ice to eskimos

“Sell Ice to Eskimos”… An interesting thing about sales which a lot of sales people tend to forget is to give their prospective customer the reason to get associated with their product. One has to come up with at least one reason for the Eskimo to buy your ice rather than pick the Free ice around them. Now this one …

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ATL Marketing Exmaples


ATL – Above the Line and BTL- Below the Line marketing as we discussed in our previous article about what is ATL and BTL are two forms of marketing which companies carry out for promoting their products. ATL marketing (above the line) refers specifically to advertisements related to things people can see, However BTL (below the line) refers to things …

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Pricing Strategies in Economics for Startups – Price Discrimination

When you start business it helps to know a little bit of economics and the way the world operates. Its interesting to know the different models of pricing which will give you hint to come up with more innovative ideas yourself. We have already discussed ways to price a software product which mainly dealt with the cost in building and …

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How to Set up and Run a Retail Store


All over world people are shifting to consumerism mentality and setting up a retail store can be a profitable bet if you go about it in a designed fashion. Its not just about finding a shop and selling your products, it can be much more in today’s competitive world. This article covers tips and tricks that you can use for your Retail …

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How to Reach Million users? Lessons from Awesome Startups

Smart people learn from their mistakes and smartest of them learn from others mistakes.And very cool startups learn from super cool startups to reach their Million users fasters, here is a Curated content from many websites and a slide presentation done by dropbox and Xobni founders on their lessons learnt. Of Course most important thing is to have a great …

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What is Gamification for Startups

Gamification can help you achieve awesome results in business, from getting new customers to engaging them, build community around your product and to even motivate your employees to give their best contribution for your company. It is a buzzword and everyone’s talking about it, if you don’t know it yet, no worries, Startup Freak explains it in an awesomely simple way. Gamification definition for …

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What is ATL, BTL and TTL Marketing

Marketing Tools : Above the line and Below the line The Art of Marketing… It lets one flirt with his or her creativity to sell / advertise / brand a product or service. And surprisingly, there exists a hypothetical line to differentiate between the kind of marketing one indulges into. Lets take a look… Companies market their products in a …

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20 Tips – How to Write Press Release


Press Release a stuff you write about your company that can be used directly for releasing on Press/Media/Online News. TO know more about Press Release check this out . Below are some Tip and suggestion for you write a awesome press release and get the journalists attention instantly. News release headlines should have a “grabber” to attract journalists Head Line should …

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How to Position and Brand your Product


Just like in real world real estate is very costly in your customer’s mind too and occupying that space in your customer minds is all about Positioning and Branding. How do you want your customers to remember your product and react to it. What is Positioning in Marketing terms It is many things but in simple terms it is What …

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