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Pricing Strategies in Economics for Startups – Price Discrimination

When you start business it helps to know a little bit of economics and the way the world operates. Its interesting to know the different models of pricing which will give you hint to come up with more innovative ideas yourself. We have already discussed ways to price a software product which mainly dealt with the cost in building and …

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Data analysis predicts pregnancy based on what you buy


Ah! if only you can predict something…, life will be much more easier and successful. If not anything, you can win the stock market gamble as it is based on people’s sentiments more than any underlying fundamentals. We are a new generation of people and information of any kind is just at our finger tips (literally). If we are not using it …

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How to Choose CRM software and CRM service Provider for your startup

Customer Relationship Management can work wonder if set up well with detailed planning and proper execution. If you dont know what is CRM please Go through out previous articles What-is-crm/ How-crm-works/ There are two step in going ahead and setting up your CRM software, first one is to find what all features that you will require in your CRM software. And second …

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How CRM works and all the Features it offers


To know what is CRM and what are its benefits you can refer our article What is CRM for Startups. Any business can flourish if it uses CRM in a more efficient way suited specifically for their business. And to know what suits your business and what not you will have to first find out how CRM -Customer Relationship Management Works. How CRM- Customer Relationship …

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What is CRM -Customer Relationship Management, for Startups


CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management and it is widely used nowadays in competitive environments to win the customers by understanding their need and requirements and for maintaining a long term relationship with them. What is CRM As the name indicate CRM is a tool/software to manage your business relationship with your customers. Nooo… lets not give a superficial explanation and to give you more …

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