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Think you’re a fraud? Here’s how to feel confident in business

Think you’re a fraud? You are a fraud. At least, that’s what it feels like every time you turn up to work every morning. The boss of your own company? You think to yourself. You couldn’t manage your way out of a paper bag. You could barely manage yourself out of a paper bag with holes in it, like a …

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Handling and Storing the Paper Work


The adage no job is finished until the paperwork is done was born in the business world and remains an integral part of starting and maintaining a business. Proper record keeping not only will allow you to keep a handle on expenses and use past figures for future planning far more accurately than your memory, it will also keep you …

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Benefits of Having a Call Answering Service for Your Business


The last few years have seen a shift away from more traditional and personal forms of customer service, towards a market that has become increasingly dominated by automated systems. From online banking to grocery shopping to airplane flight bookings, many of our interactions are now carried out with computers rather than people. And although these processes are in most cases …

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How to Improve Communication in the Business Workplace


Poor communication in the workplace more often than not leads to a breakdown in productivity as well as an unhappy working environment. Traditionally, clear verbal communication between individuals has always led to a more successful business as a whole. In more recent years, technological developments such as the internet have allowed for communication across a whole range of other platforms …

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Office Management Tips for small Businesses


You might say i am a startup and might not even have an office then why talk and listen about office management? But usually a very small startup team have 2-3 employees or partners working together in a room or a setup. Surely you are leading on a way to build a huge team and in process of making your …

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Why Every Startup CEO should understand Gamification

As discussed briefly on What is gamification in previous article, We thought it makes sense to bring in more facts and figures into the discussion to show the why any Startup CEO should know what is Gamification, Here is a very informative info-graphic which we brought for very easy understanding of what it is and why to keep up with whats happening in the world. Why …

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Simplified: Corporate Structure, Duties and Roles

corporate structures roles

There was time when all businesses were family owned and run by the family members but when the term investors and shareholders came, with it came the terms called as corporate governance, management team, Board of Directors and Corporate structure. This means if you are a public or a private limited company and you have investors and share holder (a Part …

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