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5 Types of Consultancy Businesses – Startup Ideas


This is one kind of business which doesn’t require lot of money to start, your expertise in the field is enough to take you places. So what work do consultancies do is this article all about. According to a study published in 2012 by First Research,worldwide, the consulting industry takes in $300 billion annually.  How well – and how large a …

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Ways to make money as a Consultant

We have discussed on various kind of new age consultants coming up in the society, wherein you use your creativity and your personal skills to help people, but how do you go about making it as a sustainable profession for yourself? These skills can change into a profession if you can generate revenue out of it. This article covers various types of …

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Revenue Models for Consultancy Business

Being a Consultant is slightly different than having a consultancy business. When you are offering consultancy as a business, what are the revenue models you can come up with? We got few commonly used model which can help you to innovate and reach to a business model which will suit your business the best. Just like Aeroplane/Jets require jet fuel, …

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New Age Consultants – Startup ideas for creative people

So what if you are not interested in technical or corporate style of working and want to make use of your creativity and convert those skills into a startup, here we bring to you 8 amazing options to make a business of what is fun for you! In today’s world, people want to excel in each and every field. They …

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How to setup HR Consultancy firm in India (4 Steps)


We keep getting lot of Queries from wanna be entrepreneurs about getting started with Placement or HR Consultancy and here we come with all the information you will require explained step by step. Steps to set up HR/Placement Consultancy Firm India Step 1. Get website Get clients who you want to serve is very important and for getting their trust, …

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