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Pricing Strategy for your SAAS Product

SAAS – Software As A Service is in trend now as more and more people are getting accustomed to it and knowing its benefits. YOu can read about What is SAAS, PAAS and IAAS here.  Reasons for SAAS popularity is that the software which you require can be used anywhere, anytime, and on any platform for a very little price, with out having …

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How the cloud is helping startups reduce cost


Before we go into discussing how Cloud can help startup, let us make it clear that not all startup require cloud. Use of  cloud computing depends entirely on the business itself – on its needs and goals and on its policies and strategies. It is far from certain that all businesses need cloud services (Read what is Cloud Service) Now having …

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What is Cloud Service for Start-ups and Small Business

Cloud service of small business and startups

Cloud computing is a happening technology now a days, not only big companies but tremendous amount of advantages it brings to the small companies has made is a popular choice. Everyone wants to be a part of this new edge technology. What is a Cloud service? Cloud Services refers to the services provided by third-party network to store and manage all your …

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What is Cloud Hosting and Why to use it

What is cloud hosting

When we decide we want to set up a website for our business, first thing we do is to search for a web hosting provider i.e domain (web address) and  space on the server where we can host our website. Cloud hosting is a more advanced version which we will be explaining in this article. What is Traditional Web Hosting …

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