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Google Databoard : Next level of Data sharing by Google


We all know that Google helps you to know everything but how about Google from now on will help you to even understand everything. Its just next level of awesomeness which Google have launched today, i.e Google Databoard. Many a times small businesses struggle to get consumer behavior data and to get answers to the survey questions asked which nobody …

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Data analysis predicts pregnancy based on what you buy


Ah! if only you can predict something…, life will be much more easier and successful. If not anything, you can win the stock market gamble as it is based on people’s sentiments more than any underlying fundamentals. We are a new generation of people and information of any kind is just at our finger tips (literally). If we are not using it …

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How companies are using Big Data Examples and Scenarios

Big data has become a buzzword everywhere and people are figuring out how it can help them plan their success in businesses. Just knowing the technology is not enough, what matters most is to know how to apply this technology to get business results. We have already discussed in our previous article on How Satyamev Jayate by Amir Khan used Big Data, …

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What is BIG Data and its Scenario in India


BIG Data is the next happening technology around the world and i thought it is must for all Startups to keep abreast with the latest stuff to keep innovating and another reason is my fascination for BIG data that forces me to write about it. NO i am not suggesting that it is a new thing in India, in fact will give you some amazing instances where BIG Data helped …

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