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Stanford Ignite Program Returns to Bangalore in April2014

Stanford Ignite

Applications close Nov. 22, 2013, for program on innovation and entrepreneurship aimed at technical professionals.Fellowships are available for exceptional, self-sponsored applicants with need. BANGALORE, INDIA STANFORD, CA –On the heels of the successful completion of the first 9-week certificate program in innovation and entrepreneurship outside its California campus, Stanford Graduate School of Business is now accepting applications for Stanford Ignite-Bangalore ... Read More »

Top Lies – What investors say and What they mean


Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist Guy Kawasaki came up with a list of lies investors tell to string along entrepreneurs (keep them hanging) in case something miraculous happens to make them look better. To rescue entrepreneurs from the heartburn and pain of wasted time below is the list of the lies investors tell and Guy Kawasaki who himself is one ... Read More »

Handling and Storing the Paper Work


The adage no job is finished until the paperwork is done was born in the business world and remains an integral part of starting and maintaining a business. Proper record keeping not only will allow you to keep a handle on expenses and use past figures for future planning far more accurately than your memory, it will also keep you ... Read More »

Effective Direct Mail Marketing strategies


In the age of the computer and internet it is easy to overlook time proven business marketing strategies like the typical postal mail. This can be a very large mistake. While it is true that most people use or have access to computers, virtually everybody receives mail. In many demographics, large percentages of the population are still not completely comfortable ... Read More »

Reducing Staffing Needs to cut cost


Far and away the largest expense to a business is labor costs. In a new business without a steady stream of revenue making payroll can be a huge drain on your cash reserves. Depending on how well capitalized your business is, two or three off weeks with expenses and payroll coming from reserves can mean the end of your business. ... Read More »

Checklist for Starting your own Business


If you are stuck with an awesome idea and are planning to go full-time in building your idea to realization then we have this small overview/checklist for you to get started with your dream plan.  Read More »

What to Look for a Fleet Breakdown Service Provider


While the U.S. continues to record positive economic data, its recovery from the depths of recession remains relatively sluggish. Having grown at a slightly slow than forecast rate of 2.4% during the first financial quarter, the economy has performed more impressively than at the end of 2013, but the fluctuating nature of these figures suggest that this owes more to ... Read More »

Insurance Fleet – Why Choosing the Correct Fleet Insurance is a Smart Business Decision


If operating a fleet of functioning vehicles is a key component of your business model, there is a pressing need to protect them with an adequate insurance policy. If you have a fleet of more than 3 commercial vehicles, you must have suitable fleet insurance in order to protect your investment and the performance of your cars while they are ... Read More »

Must Ask Questions To Hire A Social Media Consultant


Author Bio: Karan Chopra, CEO at G2One Network (An Internet Media Company) and Editor / Writer at I2Mag and JustWP.Org. Karan is an internet enthusiast, who loves to explore every second thing in both technology and business. Social media campaign is a vast field which include online forums, videos, blogs, podcasts and other features present on social networking sites. In ... Read More »

Grey Fleet Leasing: Your Requirements as a Business Owner


 As a commercial leader, there are times where you may need to allow employees to use their private cars for business travel. If your company does not have a fleet of vehicles, then empowering staff to use their own transportation means that meetings and events can be attended without causing disruption to the productivity of the business.  It is estimated ... Read More »