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Checklist for Starting your own Business

1. Be Prepared

Are you the right person to do business – Most of the Media paint a picture of Entrepreneur as a brilliant,Suave, Cool business person who handled every challenge  with ease. But real Entrepreneurship is about “down in the gutter”, “kick in the Gut”, “stabbed in the back”, “terrifying mistakes” and horror stories that almost every Entrepreneur goes through. Read more – Ask these questions before you think of becoming one! 

2. Name your company

Today we are living in a society which is Brand conscious, which puts a lot of importance in the name you choose for your business. Read more – Awesome tips for naming your company

3. Decide upon kind of registration for your company

The form of Business Entity you choose, can have more far implications than you think. Depending on your Business entity investor will choose whether to invest in your company or not, exit strategy depends on it, liability to the owners and the potential growth benefits too depend on the entity you choose. Read more – Options to register your company

4. sole-proprietorship

Becoming a sole -proprietor is the easy way to start a business without any of the legal procedures you can kick start on your idea.