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Company Name : SayOut

Description : A new gateway of advertising

Exhausted of spending big bucks on advertising your brand? In a fix about building your

organization’s presence? You’ve come to right place. Advertising can be really challenging at times.

What you really need is a dedicated team with contemporary concepts to make your existence felt.

We approach your potential clientele in a never before way and make you viral.

Not just through social media platforms, we at SAYOUT, popularize your brand/institution/

organization physically too. We reach out to the target audience and make them notice you with out

of the box methods.

We make sure you be the talk of the town by making it impossible for the potential customers

to neglect your presence. We spot places that attract huge crowds and advertise you with an

unconventional approach, something that are contemporaries lack. Metros, buses, colleges, stations,

cafés, popular hangouts, you name it.

Our strategy is simple. Fool proof ideas with a modernistic approach. We make sure the audience

witnesses what we call aggressive advertising measures to promote your brand/institution/

organization. We’re young and a little adventure never hurt anybody. We hand out fliers, organize

quirky contests at colleges/malls and schools pertaining to the preference and tastes of the

target audience under your own brand. This is a hard to miss event that we host to enhance your

company’s fan base.

We exploit the customer’s weakness in the smartest way possible. Let’s admit it. This is India and

Indians love free products and out of the blue surprises that would advertise your brand. We start

with giveaways and make the potential customers happy. A happy customer, who has just received

a free present, would be willing to spare two minutes of his time. We then make them aware of your

brand and how promising it is turning out to be.

We make you grow by briefing people of your brand. We request them to visit your site. We don’t

annoy them with the same old boring ideas. That is when our creative streak kicks in. Beg, borrow,

steal. We do what’s required without paying heed to the consequences. We’re not intimidated by

anyone; we’re not ready to be discarded like just another advertising organization. We’re here.

We’re now.
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Industry : Advertising/Public Relations
Number of Employees : 25
Location : Mumbai
Key People : Raushan Jha, Founder
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Creative without strategy is called art. Creative with strategy is called advertising and we at SAYOUT

are no different. Now we could start off by convincing you or trick you into believing we are a bunch

of geniuses by making use of some really heavy pretentious advertising wisdom, but we won’t.

We are only a driven young bunch trying to make it big by just hook. We are a group of eccentric

advertisers who believe that advertising should be aggressive, if nothing else.

With the prominent existence of prolific advertising gateways, we doubted our capabilities. Self-
doubt gave way to newer obstacles and we eventually overcame them. SAYOUT is your own

personalised advertising agency. You take the decisions and we implement them. You provide us

with the fuel and we make your engine work. Advertising just got a makeover and SAYOUT is going

to transform your whole perspective towards advertising.

The world is extremely competitive out there. It doesn’t spare anyone. It engulfs the failures

and people remember great moments. That is what we read, hear and think about – be famous

and important. We at SAYOUT make you important. We get your brand, your organization, your

institution the fame and importance it deserves. We don’t believe in the age old concept of

“advertising is legal lying”. Everything we do has clear motives and we give all that we have into

achieving the best possible outcome.

Now you might just write us off thinking of SAYOUT as just another startup. You might not pay

attention to or believe what we try to tell you, but you certainly don’t ignore a startup that has been

prominently promising, would you? Utilizing social media to enhance performance and magnify

web presence is something all other advertising startups will do. We at SAYOUT not just focus on

increasing your brand’s virtual fan base, but also make them aware of your presence by making

you viral physically. Word of mouth, contests, gifts and packages, gatherings, fliers, targeting public

places to get the best results, we do it all.

Advertising at SAYOUT is comprehensive and zealous. We develop reliable strategies to reach out

to the potential customers and not just convince them on the basis of the limited sources and

knowledge we have. We work smarter. SAYOUT has been also featured in Startoholics, TechALOO,

The Startup Journal and VYAPAAR1 to name just a few. Give us a chance. That chance could turn into

an even bigger chance for you and your brand.

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