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‘I learned the way to feel happiness in my everyday’s life; I think this is the biggest achievement for me ever’ Sanjay Kumar Negi of TechGreet

This Entrepreneurial Story is about Sanjay Kumar Negi who Founded ‘ TechGreet’ located in Delhi, India.

techgreet-sanjay-kumarAbout - Sanjay Kumar Negi, the founder and CEO of With over 4 years of experience in internet marketing, he has learnt a lot of things and applied them in his digital marketing agency called He currently lives in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, coming from a town Almora, Uttarakhand. He has completed his 12th from Almora and then completed his graduation from Nainital University.

Since childhood, he had keen interest in the vast world of internet and technology, so he came to the national capital- Delhi to start his career in technology. After working in many companies around Delhi NCR, he finally decided to start his own business to play an active role in changing the future of internet industry in India.

He follows a lot of websites on the internet about technology such as Engadget, Techcrunch and many more, finally found that these sites are missing something, and that is lack of love for technology. So one day he decided to make an online site about technology and took the domain name as TechGreet. The name signifies their vision that the technology should be greeted with open arms as it has the amazing capability of changing our lives and making it better.

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When Started: August 2013

What Motivated you to start your Business?

“I have the vision of creating a technology website, where users can talk, share, love and do many more things for and about technology. It will be a one stop portal where one can show the world how much they care and love the technology. So, in the beginning, I am just sharing some articles through techgreet with the promise that many more are coming soon.”It is very different from other technology portals because our aim at TechGreet is to entertain the users and we are doing it very well and believe that soon it will rise above all the boundaries. More about this answered on the second question of this file itself.

Tell us about your Business is an online portal for people, who love to write, talk and think about technology. At Techgreet we show our love for technology and invite users to show theirs. For now you can read news and research articles on technology but soon more interesting features at TechGreet is coming.

What is a Day in a life of you like?

I wake up by 8 o’clock in the morning and then after having my breakfast I get ready for the office. In the office first I read the newspaper and then I do my work, find new ways of doing the marketing. I read blogs, do research and till 7’o clock in the evening I learn a lot and make some good relations with people and much more. Then I finally come back to home and have my dinner, some days I watch movies, specially Hollywood movies and then I open my laptop again and do some work and I create a new strategy for the another day and finally go to sleep around 3’o clock in the morning.

One particular skill you got right and gave you best results.

I have over 4 years of experience in marketing and this is the main skill I have, I have worked with many start-up companies and helped them to grow with my marketing skills. So finally I thought I need to use this skill to grow my business and now with I am using it.

What have been your biggest challenges in running your Business so far?

Challenges are an integral part of life, but then I believe that every problem has a solution and most of the times, it is within us only. Since childhood, I am facing the problem of creating strong relationship with people and still face it. I can’t help it and I think this is due to a lot of things I want to do in a single day. However, now I’ve started building relationships with people by virtue of this blog and people who love the technology just the way I do. Money is the only challenge I think I am facing so far in ruining my business and there are other challenges as well but this is the biggest one.

How did you overcome these challenges?

I know when you increase the team in the company then money is needed and I took the help from my best friends for this and my father also helped me a lot to overcome this, as well. I am also optimizing the TechGreet website, so that I can earn from it and then put that money in growing the website itself.

What have you found the most effective way to get new users?

As we all know getting users for a blog is very important so there are many methods of getting readers to your blog and you have to do marketing for that will have to earn the trust of users, it will take a plenty of time and efforts. Nowadays, on internet, I think the most effective way of getting readers is to optimize the site for search engines and at the same time, make the content informative for the users, so that they become your regular visitors.

What advice do you give to other business owners?

I see that people in India graduate from IITs and some top colleges and they just think about money and start price comparison, travel and other small type of websites that don’t make any sense to me sometimes. My aim is to create a website like Facebook and Google, which will change the lives of users in India. I think that entrepreneurs in India don’t have ideas and courage to challenge the sites like Google and FB. I feel we should; all entrepreneurs in India should come together and create an online space, which will be appreciated globally. I want to say that entrepreneurs should make the money last priority and the first should be users then something big will come automatically.

How did you keep motivated through difficult times?

I always believed and still believe in the power of Karma. God Almighty always show the right path to journey of life.Even in difficult times of life, I was motivated through the power I have inside me.Some people call it God, some call it destiny and I call it self-realization.

Whats Your Marketing, Funding and Team Building Strategy

I do marketing of this blog by myself, I have experience in that and funding will take time because I have to make it famous on the World Wide Web first then will go for funding. Our team building strategy is very simple, look for the people who are passionate in the field of technology and more than money, they want to share their passion with others.

Your Achievements

I think these are my achievements.

  • I learned marketing by myself and also came to know many things on World Wide Web on my own.
  • Learned as a CEO and still learning.
  • Opened, an internet and digital marketing company and I learned the way of doing business through it.
  • First Prize in Mapping the Neighbourhood project on my school.
  • Created a website called, learned a lot about travel industry through it.
  • I learned the way to feel happiness in my everyday’s life; I think this is the biggest achievement for me ever.
  • I do Yoga and through Yoga and meditation I archived a good health and happy mind.
  • I was unable to speak in front the people few years back, by doing hard work now I feel very confident while I speak in front of the large group of people.

Whats your favorite quote?

“Fear is the only thing that keeps you away from Success, when you know that it only exist in mind then you know the truth of life and now no one can stop you from wining in life.”

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by a lot of people, but I always look up to Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs and Swami Vivekanand for their perseverance of doing things the right way, and in a manner, which can change the life of millions of people.

Do you have a Business Philosophy?

I believe you can’t run the company or business alone, you have to find people who can be trusted and then along with them you grow. This is my business philosophy that everyone in your company help you to build a biggest brand so love them and make them feel partners in success of your business.

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