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‘A brand new day comes with another fantastic challenge and case, as a day in entrepreneur’s life is definitely a case study in itself’ Rishi Mathur of Vyapar Hub

This Entrepreneurial Story is about Rishi Mathur, Dr. Mukul S. Rajput, Aanshul Avasthi who Founded ‘ Vyapar Hub’ located in Lucknow (UP), India.

Rishi Mathur-vyapar-hubAbout – Vyapar Hub is founded by 3 professionals:

  • Rishi Mathur [ Management Graduate ]Looking after the entire Business Development and Technology Operations.
  • Dr. Mukul S. Rajput [ Doctorate (in Psycho) | MBA | BE (E&T) ] Looking after the entire Strategy and Business Planning.
  • Aanshul Avasthi [ Management Graduate ] Looking after the Operations.

Our Vertical Expertise: Across all the categories and industry types / across the board; start-ups & new ventures.Out Functional Expertise: Consulting, strategy, corporate solutions, branding, business development, mentoring. As our tag-line ‘Sarvey Bhavantu Sukhinah’ suggests, we are happy to share that we have solutions for anyone and everyone, regardless of their region, geography, requirement, business domain, differences, etc.

When Started: Conceptualized in 2011. Successful operations began in 2012.

[Answers by Rishi Mathur]

What Motivated you to start your Business?

Though I have been deeply passionate about being an entrepreneur, specifically in an Internet based business model. Since I was in 10th standard, I always been amazed by the stories of start-ups, new venture, story behind IT giants, their co-founders, and how their products and services make ease in our day-to-day lives, etc.. I believe this was the starting point of the thought that I seriously want to start-up, which realized after completing my formal education.

The idea of Vyapar Hub came up when I was working with a UK based organization. The passion to be an internet based entrepreneur helped me to associate with the other Co-Founders, Dr. Rajput and Mr. Aanshul, with whom we realized the dream of our first and highly successful venture start-up, Vyapar Hub in 2011.

We researched a lot before getting in the venture, and after finding a huge gap between the market expectations and current opportunities, we ventured in Vyapar Hub in our domain(s).

Tell us about your Business:

Vyapar Hub is India’s one of the fastest growing diversified organizations, aimed at empowering the organizations, start-ups, entrepreneurs, professionals, women entrepreneurs, etc. and everyone in the nation who wish to grow and excel. Focused majorly with Services & Solutions, Vyapar Hub has expanded to four business verticals as discussed below thus creating new horizons for better business solutions to our highly esteemed clients. Our business model is internet / IT based.

We work into 4 major domains, i.e.,Management & Venture Consulting, Business Development/ Marketing Process Outsource (MPO), Corporate Educational Solutions, and Health & Wellness. Please find the web links to our brands’ website as given below.

  • Web : Domain: Management Consulting & Corporate Solutions
  • Web : . Domain: Educational Corporate Solutions
  • Web: Domain: Marketing Process Outsourcing (MPO).
  • Web :  Domain: Health, Wellness & Psychology.


Samadhan (a unit of Vyapar Hub |, is a leading service providing management and business consulting solutions like Start-up Consulting, Mentoring, Venture Acceleration, Virtual Incubation, Funding Assistance, Franchisee Consulting, Business Development and Strategic Assistance, etc. Please visit our website to know more. start-up Consulting, Entrepreneurship Development and Virtual Incubation Solutions

Dedicated venture recently launched as ENTREPRENEURS HUB.

  • – Social Entrepreneurship & MSME sector.
  • – Built- Operate- Transfer (BOT).
  • – Business Consulting.
  • – Sponsorship Consulting.
  • – Corporate Training and Development.
  • – Business Buy and Sell Solutions.
  • – Quality Certifications and Accreditation.
  • – Meetings, Interactions, Conferences, Events/ Exhibitions.


Adhyayan (a unit of Vyapar Hub | ), is a dedicated service providing corporate solution for eduction sector and allied industry. Our expert solutions include Institution Planning, International Accreditation & Affiliations, Faculty Development Programs (FDPs), Virtual Exchange Programs for Students & Teachers, Branding & Business Development Solutions, Franchising & Expansion, Interactive Education, etc.. to name a few. We request you to please visit our website to know more about our all portfolio solutions.

We have recently launched our latest venture, INTERNS HUB, which is launched to provide comprehensive internship solutions to both, organizations and students/ professionals. Please visit to know more.


At Margdarshi (a unit of Vyapar Hub | , we believe to provide expert business development and branding services specifically to SME, MSME Segment and Start-ups, that are 100% strategic and result oriented.

Whether you want to launch a Media Campaign, want Branding Solutions, wish to create Channel Partners, Franchisees, Distribution Channel, Retail Channel, Online Marketing, or anything else, Margdarshi is always your one stop solution for all marketing needs.

  • – Below- the- Line (BTL) Promotion
  • – Above- the- Line (BTL) Promotion
  • – Sponsorship Consulting.
  • – Market research, competition analysis and diagnostic studies.
  • – Branding, positioning, segmentation, selection and targeting.
  • – Product/ Service Costing.
  • – Go-to-market strategy.
  • – Web & Online Marketing Strategies & Execution
  • – Social Media Promotion & Business Development
  • – End-to-End Creative & Commercial Design Solutions.
  • – Annual marketing & promotion strategies.
  • – Marketing and Sales plan preparation & execution.
  • – Distribution & Sales Channel.
  • – Lead Generation & Sales Support.
  • – Liasoning Agent Services.
  • – Strategic tie-ups.
  • – Business Broking Solutions.
  • – Account oriented business development.
  • – Influence marketing
  • – Direct & Community Marketing planning & Execution.
  • – Product management strategy.
  • – Product life-cycle analysis.
  • – Customer segregation and database development.
  • – Tele- calling, Chat/ Online Marketing and Demand Generation.
  • – Sales staffing and HR Solutions.
  • – Meetings, Interactions, Conferences, Events/ Exhibitions (MICE).


At Manan (a unit of Vyapar Hub | ) ,anyone can get wellness services of his / her choice. Whether you are an individual, student, senior citizen, house-wife, working professional, etc.. or a corporate house, commercial organization, hospital, health center, clinic, consultant, health based start-ups and new ventures, etc. we have exclusive services on two domains :

a) Corporate & Business Solutions

b) Individual Solutions

Our solutions and offerings include:

  • – Doctor / Therapist Empanelment
  • – Health care start-ups & new ventures, e-incubation, funding & branding.
  • – Branding & Promotion, Business Development (Commercial Organizations)
  • – Psychotherapy , Image Consulting , Counseling
  • – Life Coaching , Personality Enhancement , Branding
  • – Psychometric Test & Assessments , Knowledge Base

What is a Day in a life of you like?

Well, like most of the entrepreneurs, one day is never like the other 😛 Everyday brings a lot of challenges, situations, hurdles, and if God is still favorable, there could be also some good moments. My average day starts with flipping the cover of my smartphone (30% of our business is realized via our smartphones) and finding if there are some inquiries, mail responses, visits and analytics of our posts & ads on our social media streams. Then after a few couple of exhausting web access on my laptop I move out for meetings and office works. Normally I know time when to start the day’s work (and that too with exhaustive work, of-course), but its quite difficult to figure out when I may get time to call it a day.

For me, entrepreneurship is an addiction, a lifestyle. The more you get used to it, the more good it taste, and becomes harder & harder to keep your mind off to it. There are no fixed sequence of activities, rather a brand new day comes with another fantastic challenge and case, as a day in entrepreneur’s life is definitely a case study in itself.

One particular skill you got right and gave you best results.

We believe our ability to bear the failure, taste the disappointment (that to multiple times), hear & digest the bullies from the ‘well salaried’ friends, old colleagues, relatives, etc.. and yes, most importantly to sustain the bad & very critical early stage (first 2-3 years of starting up) gave us the best and most desired results in our efforts.

What have been your biggest challenges in running your Business so far?

Like every successful start-up, there were a lot of struggles and hurdles in our path. Vyapar Hub, which has an objective to provide comprehensive expert solutions in the consulting domain, has a niche market. Business Consulting in India is still in its starting stage. There were lot of comments, lot of doubts that came into people’s mind about our services, our deliveries, our commitments. But, we always appreciated and still we do, because its the end user or client who gives us the chance and reason to improve, enhancing our services, commitments and understand the market dynamics in a much better way.

How did you overcome these challenges?

Discussed in Point No. 10 & 11 above.

What have you found the most effective way to get new clients?

Since Vyapar Hub is a fully virtually functional organization, we promote it through online means and also by our social media stream. Though we tried to promote on print media but we found that our serious clients comes through online & social media streams.

What advice do you give to other business owners/ entrepreneurs?

As we too are first generation entrepreneurs, we understand about the struggles (monetary, family and personal) and hurdles most of the entrepreneurs and start-ups are likely to face.

To all young start-ups and entrepreneurs, we always advice to sustain at any condition, yet keep moving forward. Build your dreams on a continuous mode. Never feel dishearten. You’ll definitely get something or the other. Good & desired happenings will give you good memories, and bad things and failures will give you great experiences (and experiences are definitely needed to be successful).

Whats Your Marketing, Funding and Team Building Strategy

Marketing strategy: We majorly focus on online, web, and social media marketing as its so far proven as highly beneficial in terms of awareness creation, lead generation and converting the highly esteemed clients.

Funding: We are self-funded till date. We have already crossed our break-even and highly profitable.

Team Building: Apart from our in-house team, we are now focusing very aggressively on partnerships on pan-India in terms of Master Franchisees, Franchisees and Lead Associates. The best part in starting entrepreneurial journey/ partnership with Vyapar Hub is that with us, the infrastructure requirement is next to nothing. Further, the investment is quite low and returns are undoubtedly pretty high.

Further, we are building our outsourcing/ procurement capacity to enhance our intake and raise the client satisfaction ensuring stringent quality and timely deliveries.

Your Achievements

We are happy to say that with the endless support and cooperation from our highly esteemed clients and associates, we are growing in a fast speed of 60-65 % on Year on Year (YOY) basis. Moreover, we have got a lot of appreciation and encouragement from our highly esteemed clients, associates, prospected and everyone in the corporate ecosystem. In a short period, we have successfully partnered with some of highly reputed organizations in India & globally, like Singapore Telecom (SingTel), International Accreditation Organization (US), Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC, UK), Franchise BIZ Experts, LLC (US), Indian Business Brokers’ Association (IBBA), etc.. to name a few.

Further, we launched first of its kind of award program ‘ Vyapar Hub Online Entrepreneurship Spirit Awards 2013’, which is really a big success.

Moreover, we are aiming to initiate our 8th batch of start-up incubation and funding program to help and empower budding entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality.

Whats your favorite quote?

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Mr. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Who inspires you?

Mr. Mark Zuckerburg

Do you have a Business Philosophy?

We are committed to empower every individual and organization to become a growth driver in India’s economy.

We thank you and your whole team of Startup Freak for giving us such a great opportunity to present ourselves on your highly esteemed platform for the organizations, soon-to-be corporate giants. We wish you all the best.

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