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Company Name : Ripple

Description : Ripple spreads the most engaging content around the world, and allows you to watch where your messages have spread.
Company Overview : Ripple was started to spread the most engaging content all over the world. It’s simple: post a message or picture, and it is sent to people geographically nearest you. Those who receive the post can spread it to more people nearby, and so on. With Ripple, the most engaging content reaches users across the globe, while noise does not travel far.
Ripple also allows you to visualize the spread of posts on a map. People love following their ripples as they travel to other cities and countries around the world. We created a web client for your viewing of a specific message posted on Ripple to understand the concept better: http://www.getripple.io/ripple.html?id=Nc7dgBiEQQ
Since Ripple was launched in late February on iOS, and in mid-April on Android, we have over 2500 users, 7000 ripples, and over 175,000 ripples spread. Ripple is headed by founder Paul Stavropoulos (Harvard ‘13), by Dean Stavropoulos and Brandon Ong (UC San Diego ‘15), and by a fellow Princeton graduate.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us! Also, check out our press kit at http://ripplepresskit.weebly.com/
Homepage URL: http://www.getRipple.io
Industry : Mobile Apps
Number of Employees : 3
Location : 1623 Bellevue Avenue Suite# 601, 98122, Seattle, Washington
Key People : Paul Stavropoulos, Dean Stavropoulos, Brandon Ong
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