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‘ Sky is the limit if you dare to dream’ Pooja Ajmera of teekhiichhurii

This Entrepreneurial Story is about Pooja Ajmera who Founded ‘teekhiichhurii’ located in Mumbai, India.

PoojaAbout – Pooja is a MBA in Human Resource, M.Com in Management, Diploma in Training and Development and a Vocational degree in Travel and Tourism. She has briefly worked for a renowned Executive Search company in India.

When Started: January 2013

What motivated you to start your Business?

I always wanted to do something of my own, where I have the freedom to things as I wish to. I can unleash my creativity with the help of paper cutting. Strong backup, motivation and support are must for any entrepreneur to start and be successful. The same goes for Teekhii Chhurii. My family and mainly my husband is the support without whom; I wouldn’t dare to dream.

Tell us about your Business

I recently discovered my true calling. Last year, for my sister-in-law’s birthday, I thought of gifting her something special. I knew about paper cutting but had never really tried my hands at it. It was an “AH HA moment” for me, when I made my first papercut and realized – this is what I wanted do for rest of my life and that is how Teekhii Chhurii came into existence. My goal is to breathe life into this dying art called Sanjhi and give it a modern twist which will also inspire others.

What is a Day in a life of you like?

I answer calls, revert to emails, meet up with vendors, draw a design, cutting takes up majority of time, clicking pictures of the artwork, packaging the papercut..This summarizes my day.

One particular skill you got right and gave you best results.

I am very organized and that helps me a lot in prioritizing things and working accordingly.

What have been your biggest challenges in running your Business so far? How did you overcome these challenges?

Teekhii Chhurii is still in its struggling phase and everyday it takes baby steps and moves little ahead. The biggest challenge is letting people know what Papercuts are. As they are not easily available in Indian market, people are not aware about it.

Hence it’s a challenge reaching out to the right audience who are interested in papercuts. I am trying to reach out to the people through various social media platforms like twitter, facebook, and so far the feedback has been very positive. Handling all the aspects of business like designing, cutting, marketing and sales is a real task, especially with little guidance.

What have you found the most effective way to get new clients?

Let the work speak for itself.

What advice do you give to other business owners?

Be Patient and be persistent is the only advice I would like to give to all the business owners who are just starting up.

How did you keep motivated through difficult times?

To start up and run an entrepreneurial stint is not as easy as it looks like. I too have my lows and highs. There are times when I get so demotivated since things don’t work out as planned but then I cheer myself up looking at the things that are working wonderfully for me.

What are your Marketing, Funding and Team Building Strategy?

I handle the marketing, PR, Business development and all such aspects myself. I run a one-man show. I don’t have a team yet but never know what future holds for Teekhii Chhurii.

Your Achievements?

When I see people’s smiles after receiving their papercuts, I think I have achieved a lot. Their faith and support is my achievement which also keeps me going.

Whats your favorite quote?

Sky is the limit if you dare to dream.

Who inspires you?

Anything and everything around inspires. Be it a leaf on the tree outside my window or a little shell which I found on the beach. It really can be anything and that’s why you will see a variety of themes in my work.

Do you have a Business Philosophy?

I don’t actually run a business with a business model or something. I do it purely out of my love for papercutting.

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