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  1. I hope This helps a lot of people in getting their TAN

  2. This is quite educative. Getting TAN is made quite simple.

  3. sandeep singh Rathore

    Hello sir/ma’m i want to get tan no. for my propreitorship firm …
    Which category i should choose …
    There is a option Individual (Sole Proprietorship) / Branch of individual business .
    But my problem is that i am not using my name in propreitorship firm name.
    Its different Like xyz….
    So where i fill my firm name xyz in that form49B .
    Because it ask about last name , first name, middle name???

    • sandeep singh Rathore did you get the answer for your question. Did you fill the companies name?

  4. Kindly clarify for “Sole proprietary concern”What documents & whom name ( Company or Individual) is to be submitted for
    i). PAN
    ii). Bank Account
    iii). TAN
    iv). VAT /CST Registration
    v).Service Tax
    vi).Shop and establishment
    vii).Importer Exporter Code
    viii).Professional Tax
    ix).Employees Provident fund registration
    x).ESI Registration
    As all the Che ques is being issued in the name of Firm not individual,which implies all the PAN,TAN,VAT,Service Tax,ESI,EPF must be in the name of Firm Only.

  5. Kshitij Dadhekar

    Great website and crystal clear Explanation!