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How AI Powered Tailor Brands is Transforming the Branding Industry

Internet and technology have opened a number of new avenues for the entrepreneurs today. Now, a person with just a small initial investment can open an online store to sell a particular line of products or services with ease. However, this has also increased competition and made branding more important than ever.

While there is no dearth of branding companies that offer all kinds of solutions for small and mid-size businesses today, one that clearly stands out is Tailor Brands.

Powered by the new-age Artificial Intelligence technology, Tailor Brands has disrupted the entire branding industry by launching flexible branding options for the businesses that want instant results but without compromising the quality.

The following are some of the biggest reasons why Tailor Brands is growing by leaps and bounds and giving other branding companies a run for their money:

  1. A One-Stop Solution

Tailor Brands is garnering hundreds of new customers every day because they offer almost every imaginable logo-oriented branding service under one roof. You can use the presentation slides service to brand your presentations with your company logo, social cover service to create a branded cover for your Facebook page or Twitter handle, watermark service to protect your business media and more. So, there is no need to go from one graphic design company to another for a particular service when everything is available at once place.

  1. Saves Time

Depending on a particular client’s requirements, it could take a typical logo design studio to take a week or even a month to complete the process through the initial concept phase to the final result. However, Tailor Brand uses state of the art Artificial Intelligence that can churn out a variety of logo ideas within minutes.

Tailor Brands takes a very novel approach to logo creation. The Artificial Intelligence program takes your inputs- your business description, desired logo type (icon based, name based, or initial based), icon/name design selections, etc.- and combining them all offers several relevant and creative logo ideas so that you can choose the one that strikes a chord with you. Although the entire process takes just a few minutes, the results are more than impressive.

  1. Not every “human-made” logo works as intended

Companies spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get unique logos for their business. However, despite the large investment the results are often not satisfying at all. This is the reason why just one basic logo could take weeks before taking its final shape as the company sends the logo to the design firm again and again with iterations and suggestions until they finally get it right.

Tailor-brands, on the other hand, taps into the power of modern technology, especially its proprietary AI algorithm that takes all the parameters provided and filters hundreds of thousands of permutations and combinations to deliver the best possible logo designs for a business in minutes. So, in a way, it surpasses the capacity of a human intellect and provides results that tick all the boxes for a company’s requirements.


It goes without saying that creating a logo must be on every individual’s checklist for starting a business today. However, the good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your business an identity it needs. Companies like Tailor Brands can get you the perfect company logo for less than $100.

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