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Company Name : Hammer

Description : Opinion Based Platform
Company Overview : Hammer, the online opinion generating platform that enables exchange of instant opinions from a global network, is now available as a mobile app on Android and iOS. Hammer is a social and fun app which assists people in getting and sharing instant opinions, exchanging ideas and news on one common platform, at a moment’s notice. Users can simply upload photos, ask questions and share opinions instantly.

Hammer stands apart from other social networks by the fact that it isn’t limited to one’s circle of friends and family, but connects the users with other like-minded people. It boosts a collaborative interaction with new people and share newer ideas from around the globe. One can also share news by posting and voting about trending topics and updating oneself about happenings around the world.

Amit Khanna, Joint Managing Director, Hammer, said, “In today’s age everyone demands instantaneous communication. There is a need for getting quick opinions and solutions to all the confusions. With the Hammer App, you don’t have to wait long for others’ opinions. Wherever you are, just click, upload a photo, post a question and get instant opinions at a moment’s notice.”

Gaurav Khanna, Joint Managing Director, Hammer, added, “People across the globe give opinions on the posted questions, in just one click. Thanks to this easy accessibility of our app and the unique features of the network, the app is sure to gain a lot of traction in a short span of time,”

Hammer’s most exciting features include the wide range of categories to choose from that touch all areas of human existence, the option of choosing the target audience for any post, sharing news and exchanging votes instantly. The possibility of getting objective, honest and unbiased answers from users around the world has been responsible for making several social network-addicts get hooked on to thisplatform. The app is sure to take this number of addicts to an even higher scale.

Hammer – a new medium through which people can share ideas and generate opinion – instantly, is conceptualized by the two Young and Serial Entrepreneurs and Joint Managing Directors, Amit Khanna & Gaurav Khanna who founded of Americos Technologies Pvt. Ltd., an IT services company, for machinating their area of expertise i.e. technological strategy & innovation.

Hammer assists in connecting with people for exchanging ideas, opinions, and even for news! Moreover, users can post views and opinionsalong with comments on others’ questions.

It connects people of all ages and walks of life across the world through opinions which are unbiased, honest and independent. Hammer encourages pushing the boundaries further, enabling users to meet new people and newer ideas from around the globe. This web & mobilebased application sets a new landmark in collaborative interaction and boosts the user’s online social network like never before. Hammer is the hang out place which thrives on mutual co-operation, with a give and take of opinions, hammered out at your beck and call.

The Parent Group, Americos, is a much diversified group which has been dealing in several industry segments like textile processing chemicals, dyes and enzymes since 1922, which later progressed to serve major food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers with its range of specialty enzymes and flavours.

Hammer is one of many initiatives by its founders to rein in technology towards a meaningful purpose. Through such endeavors, the organization, steadily aspires to become an industry leader in the field of web and mobile applications in the future.

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Homepage URL: http://www.hammerit.in/about
Industry : Mobile Apps
Number of Employees :
Location : Gujrat
Key People : Amit Khanna & Gaurav Khanna

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