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Company Name : Eltrivate

Description : Media Networks
Company Overview : Eltrivate is a website which provides a platform for people to share their article by running their blog with us and also to promote their miscellaneous talents like Music, Dancing, Singing, Creativity, Shortfilms, Photography etc.
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Industry : Other
Number of Employees : 10
Location : Hazratganj Lucknow-226001.
Key People : Varul Mayank, Aparna Deb, Kartikey Misra, Mahima Khandelwal, Pulkit Bajpai & Anmol Verma
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Our vision and mission is clear by our name. Yes we have a mission to Eltrivate everyone. The nation is growing, developing and evolving, so if today you aren’t at pace with the society you will be left behind forever.

Eltrivate is more than a business, a website, a magazine or a media network. When we started Eltrivate we were not clear about what will we actually do, there were so many things, we were confused, but then we decided to take over a responsibility, a responsibility to ensure the development of every individual as a person, to make everyone wiser, and for that we will do anything or everything, to accomplish our mission we will get into magazines, blogs, promote talents, and what all possible and that’s how we created Eltrivate.

The word Eltrivate as I mentioned above, describes our objective. Since it’s difficult to get a good and appropriate name for any new business today, as most of those have already been registered and are in use, neologism theory of brand name development is now becoming famous. ELTRIVATE is one such neologism term. Created by us by the conjugation of two positive and appropriate words for our objective. ELTRIVATE is a term derived by an English word and another Italian word.. Elevate (English) and Scaltrivate (Italian). Elevate, as we all know, means ‘to raise’, while Scaltrivate is a synonym for Scaltrire (Italian), which means to make someone wiser or more expert.

We are going to be diverse, we are going to indulge into eclectic works, and hence will make our clients wiser and will also target to elevate a society’s thinking, a society’s culture and maybe their way of life, thus we have developed ‘ELTRIVATE’ as our brand name to represent the main motive and the philosophy of our organisation.

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