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Duvamis Ltd.

Company Name : Duvamis Ltd.

Description : Duvamis is the first completely anonymous social network for free communication and exchange of different opinions, interests and ideas.
Company Overview : Duvamis is the first completely anonymous social media, that aims to create online environment for sharing and interactions among all free and creative users around the world.

The platform bears its name from the Greek word Δύναμις, which means inner strength, might, ability, prowess or inherent power.

Duvamis has been developed, following a certain philosophy, based on the beliefs that anonymity is the future of users online interactions.

The platform supports interface and identify content in 46 languages. There are also mobile applications developed. All this allows a significant percentage of the Internet users worldwide to be reached.

To become a part of Duvamis, users have the opportunity to register only with username and password.

In order to keep users anonymity, the platform doesn’t collect any personal data.
In the well-known social networks, users introduce themselves with their biological and social characteristic and communicate with real individuals in life. They create their images bearing in mind the imposed norms and other people’s opinion, that leads to suppression of their inner feelings and desires. This model imposes restrictions on the real communication, that everyone needs.

Duvamis aims to abolish the restrictions in online communication by creating free, anonymous network, where users are not burdened by their biological characteristics and social status. A network, where they can share their positive and negative experiences, thoughts and feelings, with no concerns that this may harm their everyday life. Communicating with others in Duvamis may be a result from sharing the same interests and needs, but not only from searching for specific people.

Duvamis has developed a special advertising space following its philosophy to motivate the expression of creativity and freedom of relations. What makes this advertising system different is that it is not the well-know aggressive advertisement.
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Industry : Internet
Number of Employees : 100
Location : 13, 8th December Str.
Key People : Anna Atanasova, Dora Nacheva
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