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Depressions Entrepreneurs have to deal with – Why Aaron Swartz committed suicide?

Yes we are sad that a very capable, very intelligent and smart web entrepreneur, Reddit co-founder, RSS contributor Aaron Swartz has committed suicide at an age of 26 on 11th January 2013.

Its heartbreaking to see people break!  Swartz was a well-known computer prodigy who helped create RSS at age 14 and later co-founded the social news website Reddit, fired from Reddit in 2007 and wrote a suicide note 6 years back. He was held in a controversial computer-hacking case, that carried a possible 35-year prison sentence was set to begin in February hung himself  from a belt inside his Brooklyn bedroom.  And Read here why he dint deserve the treatment he received while he was alive. Wonder how politicians never go into depression.

There are times of loneliness, guilt, worthlessness, empty feelings, helplessness, Depression and it happens many a times, when you lose a deal, when one of your people leaves you, When they remove you from the team, when an investor you’d set your heart on declines your funding bid, when you have no cash to pay salaries, when you are on street with no money. One feels weak… and “failure” is what they sentence themselves to be.

How do you deal with Depression?

There is noway all the light will be green in your journey of entrepreneurship, best way to face failure is to be prepared for it. Entrepreneurs are like diamonds who were all once upon a time a mere piece of black coal, which went through a trial of hardships and cutting and rubbing and pressure and persistence is what makes a really diamond.

When we are in depression most of the time we think nothing will work and getting yourself out of that mood also looks like impossible but many a time just a single thought of determination is enough to prepare you for the next battle. We underestimate the power of humanity. Many people in the world wants to help you, even if they have never known you. Some things listed down have helped lot of people come out of depression and fight with the world yet again.

  • When depressed, our mind believe that we are looser. Its very important to make our mind believe that you are an achiever again. Take it is easy and target for small achievements like calling family, friends, watching, listening and eating targets.
  • Reading a motivational book helps a lot, keep a target to finish it and you have achieved something.
  • Visit a psychologist if it is very severe. C’ mon…, that is what psychologist exists for right?
  • Make it a goal to never touch drinks and cigrattes, they are meant to bring in more depression in life.
  • Learn something completely new to you, like dance, guitar, singing etc.
  • Try to meet your school or college friends to bring back the memories of your confidence and strength. It sure brings more hope and courage.
  • Detach yourself .
  • Set lower expectations from yourself, and later build on them.

Think of all the bigger things in life like universe which exits for no reason at all and how small we are in this galaxy and how very small are our anxiety and problems. Attending courses on self motivation and Neural Linguistic Programming also helps some people.

We are very Sad today and hope it never happens again with any Entrepreneur, Because Entrepreneurs are the people who make the world exist.

RIP Aaron Swartz !

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  1. We never realize but there is lots of help always around.. We just need to try; sometimes this help can come from least expected corner.. We should never loose hope..