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Description : An Exclusive Family Social Network
Company Overview : ConnectFamily
Connecting families across the boundaries…
Family bonding is first and foremost focus and hence there needs to be an exclusive App for the members of the family, something different, and something that lasts for generations after generations and keeps family members intact .
ConnectFamily is designed to provide the control and privacy needed for real family affection and relationships, ensuring a thoughtful foundation needed for comfortably sharing your real life with family members.
Key features
– Timeline filtrations to avoid the chaos and unordered posts on main timeline, Connectfamily offers a special filter viz; Posts by super Admin, Post by specific member of the family, Post by self, Posts- date specific, duration specific.
– Daily posts by ConnectFamily as the ‘chat starters’ for members of the family to sparkle the conversation on various topics such as Parents, Grand Parents & Motivational – Inspirational posts/quotes/videos/articles for different age group in the family.
– Newsy chats – As common wall (Posts and updates) becomes random and many a times irrelevant for certain members of the family. To strengthen communication among members of alike mind members irrespective of any age group, newsy chats will be an exclusive and selective platform to serve their purpose and relevance of the posts on various topics, such as Health, Family Bonding, Indian Food, Parenting, Entertainment & Spiritual Journey. ConnectFamily will share posts/quotes/videos/articles to initiate discussion on these topics.
– Cousin 4 ever – It’s an auto generated & dedicated timeline for the same generation in the family. It is to be used as same as Post Your Updates.
– I love my Mom & Dad – A devoted timeline to post memories ,articles, pics and videos related exclusive to parents.
– My Grand Parents & Ancestors – It’s a dedicated time line to post memories ,articles, pics and videos related exclusive to grandparents.
– Sharing updates, photos, memories, and contact information with your family across generations and geographical boundaries.
– Keep track of everyone’s activities with a fully customizable family calendar. Avoid the agony and embarrassment of realizing that you’ve forgotten any important Day. Send automatic post or text reminders so no one ever misses a date.
– Keep ancestor’s stories alive for generations to come. Keep their photos, news and more alive and safe for future generations.
– Private chat sessions with customized groups within the family.
….and many more such features apart from regular social networking sites features.
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Industry : Internet
Number of Employees : 6
Location : Rajkot
Key People : Nayan Dave
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