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Customer Onboarding : 4 successful strategies for your startup


Customer onboarding is a simple process where users are offered value in a quick and simple way, encouraging them to sign up for your product and use it again. As a startup, customer retention is especially important as you’re just starting to build your customer base. Successful customer onboarding is when you have repeat customers who come back to use …

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Global SEO Services Delhi


Company Name : Global SEO Services Delhi Description : Global SEO Services(GSS) is leading IT Company based provide SEO Services in Delhi, Noida, Web Designing Services, Web Development Services, PPC Services in Delhi, Noida, Agara. Company Overview : Global SEO Services (GSS) – GSS is leading IT based company provides SEO, SMO, PPC, Web Designing & Development Services AT affordable …

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TDS Software Solutions


Company Name : TDS Software Solutions Description : Software Development and Marketing Company Company Overview : TDS Softwares is a leading Web and mobile solutions start-up that provides unmatched Web and Mobile Application Services across the globe. We use highly advanced, well-equipped services to satisfy the requirements of our clients. Do not go by just these words, Contact Us and we …

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Parsys Media


Company Name : Parsys Media Description : Parsys Media is a leading SEO and Web Design Company, specializing in web design, Ecommerce Web Development and Email Marketing Campaign. Our advanced web development services aims at executing dynamic applications that would meet the growing business needs on the web.We are also a IT outsourcing company, web development company in India. Company …

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Web Marketing Tips for Startup

Web is the second home and second world that we live in today and if your startup is not present all over the web it will be difficult battle for you to win. This article puts light on all the possible places you can be present on web, do’s and dont’s of marketing. What is Web Marketing? There are many types of …

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SEO explained in One Single Image [infographic]

SEO - Search Engine Optimization Web

I know SEO has being a challenge as well as great accomplishment if you get it right as this will decide your web presence and online success if you want long term benefits.  As we know picture speaks a thousand words and here is the gem of infographic i found and thought will be really helpful after which SEO will never …

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7 Common Web-Content Mistakes That Affect Your SEO


Author: Karan Chopra Founder & CEO at G2One Network and Editor at I2Mag (Internet and Design Inspiration Magazine) loves design, technology, and Out of box thinking. Right from the day 1, when we launch our site, our first major aim is to bring the site on Google Page 1 and for that we usually opt for Search Engine Optimization or in …

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How to Get Separate Mobile website for Startups


In our previous article, we highlighted the importance of having a mobile friendly website and what is the importance. We would suggest you read the article before reading further Get Responsive Website to make your website Mobile Friendly. Concept of Responsiveness makes single website look different on different screens, whereas mobile website concept makes different websites for desktop and mobile. After reading you …

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How to make your website Mobile friendly


Getting a website and getting a mobile friendly website are two different things. World is shifting to mobiles and faster you change your business to mobile better it is for you and your business. Out of 7 billion world population, 6 billion have mobile and 50% of them have smart mobile that means if you have a mobile friendly website, thats looks great on …

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Basic Search Engine Optimization-SEO Tips for Entrepreneurs


If you are thinking just by having a great website, people will start coming to your site then you are wrong. Its like having a good looking store and no proper address/direction to reach it. When someone searches something in search box, there is a search engine which filters various websites and show the most relevant stuff to the user. Now you …

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