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What is Convertible Debt & Why do startup raise money through convertible notes? Advantages


To understand convertible bond in startup context, we need to first understand it in the general sense. And in general sense these bonds are issued by big companies to reduce their debt burden. Recently more startups are raising seed money as convertible bond to reduce the hassle and to escape from the nitty gritties of issuing equity. What is bond ... Read More »

How to Start an Import export Sole Proprietorship business in India


We have much covered already on Sole Proprietorship which you can check out here http://www.startupfreak.com/tag/sole-propreitor/  And if you wish to start your business in import export sector then this section will be of help What is Import/Export Business ? Import/Export Business also called as International trade is the exchange of capital, goods, or services across international borders or territories.  As the owner ... Read More »

What is Service Tax Registration and who should pay it in India


As on 1st May, 2011, 119 services are taxable services in India. These taxable services are specified in Section 65(105) of the Finance Act,1994. And there are 17 specific services which are exempt from service tax mentioned in the Negative List .Service tax is applicable  to the whole of India, except the State of Jammu & Kashmir. What is Service Tax Service ... Read More »

How to set up your Franchise business in India


It is not always necessary that you get a super innovative idea to start your own business. You may find an existing successful business which excites you and you are passionate about pursuing it, You can by all means go ahead and buy a Franchise of that company and setup your own business. What is Franchise Franchising is the practice of using another firm’s successful business ... Read More »

How to Set up and Run a Retail Store


All over world people are shifting to consumerism mentality and setting up a retail store can be a profitable bet if you go about it in a designed fashion. Its not just about finding a shop and selling your products, it can be much more in today’s competitive world. This article covers tips and tricks that you can use for your Retail ... Read More »

How to Reach Million users? Lessons from Awesome Startups


Smart people learn from their mistakes and smartest of them learn from others mistakes.And very cool startups learn from super cool startups to reach their Million users fasters, here is a Curated content from many websites and a slide presentation done by dropbox and Xobni founders on their lessons learnt. Of Course most important thing is to have a great ... Read More »

What is needed to start E Commerce Website? And how much it will cost you?


This is in continuation to we discussed about what is eCommerce and this article will be help you with the list of things you should be aware of before you decide to launch an eCommerce website for your products/service. eCommerce is not like any other website you see online, it has different feature and different way of presenting stuff. These website are ... Read More »

How to setup HR Consultancy firm in India (4 Steps)


We keep getting lot of Queries from wanna be entrepreneurs about getting started with Placement or HR Consultancy and here we come with all the information you will require explained step by step. Steps to set up HR/Placement Consultancy Firm India Step 1. Get website Get clients who you want to serve is very important and for getting their trust, ... Read More »

What is, Why to, How to Trademark Registration in India – Simplified


If you have started business and have stared getting market for your product then you will want to know what is Trademark and Why to and How to apply for it. Before investing in  advertising and running big campaigns it is recommended to file your trademark / servicemark in India. You are protected the moment you submit your application for trademark ... Read More »

20 Tips – How to promote Facebook Event without pissing off your friends


If we have started a business, of course we are very passionate about it but same is not true of your personal friend on Facebook who are more interested in the personal updates from you rather than business updates. So how do you balance that on Facebook? Below are 20 awesome Tips to keep your friends circle as well as your business ... Read More »