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Indian Entrepreneurs

Get the customers to think the first time right – Rajesh of LearntheCorp Consulting


Entrepreneurial Story of Rajesh Subramaniam who founded LearntheCorp Consulting located in Chennai, India About: Rajesh Subramaniam, HR passionate with 23 years industry HR, HR transformation expertise The Team! When Started: 21/10/2013 Location: Chennai, India What motivated you to start your Business? Scale transform global HR from a 2020 perspective Tell us about your Business About LearntheCorp With primary objective to …

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‘A team can either make or break a start-up because it is only as strong as its weakest link’ Dhimant Mehta of Sandhira, Inc


This Entrepreneurial Story is about Dhimant Mehta & Sangeeta Mehta who Founded ‘Sandhira, Inc.’ located in USA About Dhimant Mehta (Founder & CEO): Has twenty five years of diverse blends of experiences in Business Operations, Account Management, Engineering and Sales & Marketing and over fifteen years of entrepreneurial experience in the areas of Retail Sales and Marketing in the US. Sangeeta Mehta …

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‘Be crazily obsessed about your customers’ Pavan Sondur of UNBXD


This Entrepreneurial Story is about Pavan Sondur who Founded ‘UNBXD’ located in Bangalore, India When Started: 2011 About –  Pavan Vilas Sondur CEO and co-founder : Done engineering in information and computer science from SJCE, Mysore. Previously worked with Gluster, a US based startup, that built GlusterFS. GlusterFS turned to a highly successful open source scalable file system which was later acquired …

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‘Identify moments which go unnoticed and create them into an events for unforgettable memories’ Shantunu Tomar of Professional Jokers


This Entrepreneurial Story is about Shantunu Tomar who Founded ‘Professional Jokers-An Event Creation Co.’ located in New Delhi, India About – An MBA in Marketing and HR, Shantunu is an avid learner and hungry for ideas and knowledge, worked in Print media as correspondent, and had a brief stint in marketing for hospitality industry When Started: Dec 13 What Motivated you to …

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‘Keep your Morale & Enthusiasm high all the time’ – Amisha Singh of SocialProma


This Entrepreneurial Story is about Amisha Singh who Founded ‘SocialProma’ located in Bangalore, India. About –  Amisha Singh is the Founder and Chief Editor of socialproma, She is responsible for developing road map and complete operation of the website. Previously, she has worked in consultancy and is currently in her final year of her Masters in Business Administration. She has a deep love, …

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“Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done” Vijith Kini of RushGuest


This Entrepreneurial Story is about Vijith Kini who Founded ‘RushGuest (TechMarvel Soft Labs Pvt Ltd)’ located in Bangalore, India. About – Vijith Kini is a computer science engineer by education, software engineer by profession, start up enthusiast by heart and a travel freak he always loved working for start ups. He has prior experience in software development of two and a half …

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‘I found honesty is the best policy’ Mukesh & Shouvik of beingf


This Entrepreneurial Story is about Mukesh Biswas & Shouvik Lahiri who Founded ‘beingf’ located in Kolkata, India. About –  Mukesh Biswas is an undergraduate student (pre final) student of Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. He previously worked with Wayne state university, USA & IIM Bangalore, India for various marketing and developer support.    Social Contact –  Facebook | LinkedIn | Email: [email protected] Shouvik …

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‘Hard work always gives better results’ Bhargava Vangapally of i2space Technologies Web Pvt. Ltd


This Entrepreneurial Story is about Bhargava Vangapally who Founded ‘  i2space Technologies Web Pvt. Ltd ‘ located in Hyderabad, India. About Bhargava Vangapally – MCA, 10 Years of IT Experience Social connects – LinkedIn | Twitter When Started: 2011 What motivated you to start your Business? Interested to enter into the software industry with earlier IT experience. Want to become an entrepreneur to give …

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‘Delegation of work is something that gives you best results… ‘ Satish of TestimonialsFor


This Entrepreneurial Story is about Satish Kota who Founded ‘TestimonialsFor’ located in Bangalore, India. About – A Mechanical Engineer by Education, Satish have close to 15 years of experience in the IT Industry, he have been a Serial Entrepreneur with the first company into ITES solutions which got closed in about 6 months, second company ran for about 3 years in the Construction Engineering Outsourcing …

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‘Taking occasional breaks and traveling always helps to come out of difficult times’ Tarun Madan of Holidayen


This Entrepreneurial Story is about Tarun Madan who Founded ‘Holidayen’ located in New York/ Mumbai. About – Currently, there is a team of 5 working on Holidayen. Tarun Madan is a Chemical Engineering graduate from IIT Roorkee and University of Texas at Austin where he was a part of Texas Venture Labs. Previously, he had co-founded Pledge for Green, an initiative for …

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