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Just Jobs

Company Name : Just Jobs Description : India #1 Entry Level Job Site Company Overview : Just Jobs is best job portal to hire verified & local employees for small business in India. It’s one of the most innovative & leading staffing startup for entry-level job sector in India. It’s easy, fast & free. Email – [email protected] Homepage URL: https://www.just.jobs …

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Company Name : HUMAN INNOVATION TECHNOLOGIES Description : Science for people Company Overview : Human Innovation Technologies S.A. is an R&D company of dynamic individuals who share the same vision and values.The company’s objective is to strive for efficiency in every aspect of HR operations through the development of innovative solutions based on scientific research and cutting-edge technology. High level …

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Company Name : Helper4U Description : Helper4u connects maids, drivers, cooks and other helpers with employers at homes and offices. Company Overview : Helper4u is an online database of domestic helpers like maids, babysitters, cooks, housekeepers, security guards and many such helpers. Employers can access the data online from computer or through Helper4u’s mobile app and can hire the one …

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Company Name : Grabr Description : Grabr offers you everything that you will ever need to create your Online Portfolio and Resume Company Overview : Gone are the days of functional and chronological resumes. Moreover with employers, researching candidates online, it’s become imperative that applicants take charge of their online brand. With Grabr, offering impressive templates that are easy to …

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Upraisal- People | Productivity | Performance

Company Name : Upraisal- People | Productivity | Performance Description : Recruitment, Training and development and Human resource Company Overview : Upraisal offers HR solutions for every stage in the employee life cycle. From attraction to retention, Upraisal talent management solutions is able to assist your employees to improve their productivity and performance, and therefore the profitability of your business. …

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