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Yeppar – Augmented Reality

Company Name : Yeppar – Augmented Reality Description : Augmenting your imaginations with reality. Company Overview : With our superior social augmented-reality application, users will able to make markers for keeping their memories, sharing their memories to world .And brands for connecting their targeted consumers. This application will be open self-service platform for users and brands owners around the world. …

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What is SAAS, PAAS and IAAS & How to Use it

saas paas and iaas examples

This is a very old technology which goes back to 1960’s but now a days more and more companies are coming forward with this concept of “AS A Service”. Confused….? let me first define these terms and then go about explaining them. Definition of SAAS, PAAS and IAAS SAAS- Software As A Service PAAS – Platform As A Service IAAS- Infrastructure …

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10 Best Service providers for Cloud Storage

Best Cloud Storage options To Find the best Cloud Storage for yourself or your Businesses you have to first understand the Different kind of features Cloud Storage give. Out of numerous available we have sorted out 10 most popular and favorite Cloud Storage providers. Lets start with Google drive which was launched just yesterday 1. Google Drive  Free storage 5 GB …

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What is Could Storage and how to use it?

Its the hottest topic now a days. Everybody seems to be talking about Cloud. Its the next technology which we have to catch up with. So here i am today to explain you in very simple terms what exactly does  Cloud Storage mean. Think Cloud like a banking system. You put money and withdraw money which is recorded by the …

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Eventbrite an online event planner

Now you cannot keep posting all the events on Facebook right? Web Application for event planning Eventbrite  is an online service that you can use to create, share, and join any event imaginable. Whether it’s a photography class with a local artist, or a 12 people yoga class, Eventbrite makes it happen. Event creation, promotion and ticket sales. People can discover events that …

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Animoto an awesome applications for start-ups

animate your business with animoto

Sheer awesomeness is what you can expect when you use this web application tool produces videos from photos, video clips and music. Animoto feature utilizes what the company calls “Cinematic Artificial Intelligence” technology to analyze video clips and weave them together with images you upload to create Animoto videos that are eye-popping while synced to musical clips that have been central …

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