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Revenue Model

4 types of startup models trending right now


New age online startups are in search for a repeatable and scalable business model. The goal of the business model can be revenue, or profits, or users, or click-throughs – whatever you and your investors have agreed upon. Startups are quickly iterating and testing their hypotheses and changing their business model multiple times. There is a new surge of innovative online businesses which are …

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Ways to make money as a Consultant


We have discussed on various kind of new age consultants coming up in the society, wherein you use your creativity and your personal skills to help people, but how do you go about making it as a sustainable profession for yourself? These skills can change into a profession if you can generate revenue out of it. This article covers various types of …

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Revenue Models for Consultancy Business


Being a Consultant is slightly different than having a consultancy business. When you are offering consultancy as a business, what are the revenue models you can come up with? We got few commonly used model which can help you to innovate and reach to a business model which will suit your business the best. Just like Aeroplane/Jets require jet fuel, …

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Revenue Models for Android Apps


There are many people making Android Apps and dumping them in the market and praying to get sales/traffic, but you don’t have to anymore, as this article will cover an exhaustive list of ways in which you can make money with your Android Apps. Most commonly the models which comes to mind are Paid App Freemium Model Ad based free …

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5 Revenue Model for Internet Startups


Revenue Model is how are you going to make Money from your Business in simple terms. 99% of traditional businesses will have some or the other revenue model as you will never open a shop unless you have something to sell. But this is not the case in Internet startups, Take the example of Facebook or Google, these companies started …

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