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RankMeUp Services


Company Name : RankMeUp Services Description : Leading India SEO Agency offering SEO Services globally. Company Overview : RankMEUP Services is India based SEO Agency offering affordable Digital Marketing Services in India as well as globally. We also provide SEO Training under our Flagship Amritsar School of Internet Marketing having our registered office in Amritsar, Punjab. We also offer Social …

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Placewell Retail


Company Name : Placewell Retail Description : Placewell Retail is Siliguri’s largest online retailer. We pride ourselves on selling the best products for the lowest prices. roducts for the lowest prices. Placewell Company Overview : Placewell Retail has been helping small businesses and home IT users buy computers, accessories, printers and office equipment in a smarter way; over the phone …

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How to Sell, tips to selling the pen and your ice to eskimos


“Sell Ice to Eskimos”… An interesting thing about sales which a lot of sales people tend to forget is to give their prospective customer the reason to get associated with their product. One has to come up with at least one reason for the Eskimo to buy your ice rather than pick the Free ice around them. Now this one …

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Effective Direct Mail Marketing strategies


In the age of the computer and internet it is easy to overlook time proven business marketing strategies like the typical postal mail. This can be a very large mistake. While it is true that most people use or have access to computers, virtually everybody receives mail. In many demographics, large percentages of the population are still not completely comfortable …

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ATL Marketing Exmaples


ATL – Above the Line and BTL- Below the Line marketing as we discussed in our previous article about what is ATL and BTL are two forms of marketing which companies carry out for promoting their products. ATL marketing (above the line) refers specifically to advertisements related to things people can see, However BTL (below the line) refers to things …

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Google Databoard : Next level of Data sharing by Google


We all know that Google helps you to know everything but how about Google from now on will help you to even understand everything. Its just next level of awesomeness which Google have launched today, i.e Google Databoard. Many a times small businesses struggle to get consumer behavior data and to get answers to the survey questions asked which nobody …

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Web Marketing Tips for Startup

Web is the second home and second world that we live in today and if your startup is not present all over the web it will be difficult battle for you to win. This article puts light on all the possible places you can be present on web, do’s and dont’s of marketing. What is Web Marketing? There are many types of …

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Data analysis predicts pregnancy based on what you buy


Ah! if only you can predict something…, life will be much more easier and successful. If not anything, you can win the stock market gamble as it is based on people’s sentiments more than any underlying fundamentals. We are a new generation of people and information of any kind is just at our finger tips (literally). If we are not using it …

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What is Affiliate Marketing and How to use it to promote your Startup


Affiliate marketing can be used to earn income as well as promote your products through the reputed people online by publishing your product links on their website. This article will be a great to way to start begin your understanding on the same. What is Affiliate Marketing Affiliate by dictionary means to Keep company with or hang out with. Thats means if you …

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How to Reach Million users? Lessons from Awesome Startups


Smart people learn from their mistakes and smartest of them learn from others mistakes.And very cool startups learn from super cool startups to reach their Million users fasters, here is a Curated content from many websites and a slide presentation done by dropbox and Xobni founders on their lessons learnt. Of Course most important thing is to have a great …

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