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Company Overview : Journey as how you started,
They say two is company but three is crowd. Well, not for us! BookZeal was born when a group of three highly motivated students got together, tired of the education system but wanting to build their foundation on it, nevertheless. It took more than a hundred brainstorming sessions, trying to circumvent obstacles that lay ahead but we had one common goal – to venture out into hitherto unknown territory with a unanimous aim – customer satisfaction.
what made you to start this website
Our college (NIT, Trichy), like most of the engineering colleges, is established far from the city. To buy or sell books, we had to travel 20kms every time. Moreover, all the engineering books are pretty expensive and being students ourselves, we didn’t have to step into anybody’s shoes to know how it feels at the beginning of each academic session when we have to shell out our hard-earned pocket money for books.
With this in mind, we started exploring for some better options and we realized that, as course books remains more or less same, there would be students in college itself who would be willing to sell books which I need and students to buy books which I want to sell. But the problem is knowing who those students would be?
So we thought of coming up with a platform where students could list the books they want to sell and could see list of books available within their college. And thus we came up with bookzeal.com.

How is BookZeal.com going to be useful for students?
The survey conducted by Hindustan Times shows the low reading habits among Indian Youths. And as per National Youth Readership Survey, financial difficulties is one of the paramount reasons that hinders youth to gain knowledge.
Bookzeal brings down spending on books for students to a great extent. We surveyed few engineering students about their cost incurred on books for each semester and came up with the following statistics:
– Per semester : 6 books (curriculum and non-curriculum)
– Average Cost of Book ~ Rs 300
– Total Number of Semester : 8 Semesters

So in total a Student would end up spending Rs 6 x 300 x 8 = Rs 14400 ~ Rs 15000 but with our concept of book swapping this cost can be reduced to Rs 0 to Rs.1500.
Book Swapping!! What is that?
Well I know book swapping is completely new and unheard concept in India but it’s pretty popular in countries like US, UK etc.
We have a unique LIST-EARN-REQUEST model that makes book swapping possible.

1. List the books that you have and specify the tokens you want against that book. Tokens are the currency system at bookzeal.com
2. Anyone who needs your book will send you the request for same.
3. Arrange meeting with requester.
4. Give the book to requester and he will give you a “Token Transfer Code” which is an authorization code for transferring token from his account to your account.
5. Enter the code at bookzeal.com and tokens will be credited to your account.
6. With the earned tokens you can request book from others.
7. After reading the book, you can list it back on BookZeal.com
Like this you get to read all the books you want without spending any money or by spending very little money.
What is your aim behind bookzeal?
We aim at building a society where money is not the barrier to gain knowledge. Apart from that, as the procurement of books become easy and with such a reduced cost, we hope this will encourage students to read more as well.
How about your Marketing Strategy?
The concept of book swapping is mostly needed in colleges, so we are aiming to promote same among college students through our campus ambassador program. You can check our current campus ambassadors at http://bookzeal.com/campus-ambassadors/. To volunteer yourself for campus ambassador program, visit http://bookzeal.com/career/.
To encourage students to swap books, we are also offering free tokens on signup and for various other activities you do at bookzeal.com
Homepage URL: http://WWW.BOOKZEAL.COM
Industry : Education/Training
Number of Employees : 10
Location : Ishika Technologies (P) Ltd AD-35, Salt Lake City, Sector 1, Near Tank No. #4 Kolkata – 700 064 West Bengal, INDIA.

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