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Company Name : Best of journey tourism and Hospitality Pvt Ltd

Description : Best of Journey offers North South India Tour Packages – We are expert Travel, Tourism Operators, Travel Agency in India to Plan Holiday Trip for Indian Destinations Find best deals on Flight Tickets, Hotel Bookings, Honeymoon Holiday Packages, Bus and Train / Railway reservations for your India and International Travel at BestofJourney.com
Company Overview : Best of Journey offers North South India Tour Packages – We are expert Travel, Tourism Operators, Travel Agency in India to Plan Holiday Trip for Indian Destinations Find best deals on Flight Tickets, Hotel Bookings, Honeymoon Holiday Packages, Bus and Train / Railway reservations for your India and International Travel at BestofJourney.com
Homepage URL: http://www.bestofjourney.com
Industry : Other
Number of Employees : 15
Location : Best of Journey Tourism and Hospitality Private Limited E-21, 2nd Floor, Office No. 201, Street No. 4, Jawahar Park, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi – 110092
Key People : 15
bout Best of Journey

India is a miracle country!! This country has got such a charm that has caught writers, travelers, thinkers, scientists to still visualize what it is all about.

India is a multi cultural mosaic where we can see people bathing on crafted Kolkata’s roads where a BMW 6 series car passes by, Cows strolling on Delhi-Noida-Delhi 10 lane expressway, a big slum alongside a 50 storied high-rise in one of the most expensive places on earth i.e Nariman Point in Mumbai, holy Sadhus in Varanasi with cellphones…. and many many more…alas India is indeed eternal!!

Its birth

Best of Journey Tourism and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. was born in Delhi on 3rd July 2010. This company was founded by some highly qualified young entrepreneurs who believed in doing something different and special to this travel and tourism industry. We are team of different backgrounds who wants to achieve a goal of substance in life.


We, the members of Best of Journey want to make you feel special about your journey. We keep ourselves in your shoes while making your itinerary and program.

Our Unique selling points are off the beat tours, community buying discounts, highest degree of comfort and safety and off course local culture influences in your tours. We the family of Best of Journey would ensure that your travelling and vacation would never be erased from your memory.

The staff and their territory

Our work is divided into different sections. We believe in working like a tree and different branches coming out of it with different products. Now, that’s what we call it as a Best of Journey Family tree.

The division of work is in accordance to the fragmented parts of the tree. One staff works holding only one branch and the other holding another portion of this very sound family tree. Holding our main hearts together, we move along to reach our goal and motto.


The main objective of this company is to make travelling simpler for the guests. We give the best of services along with the local cultural experiences at a very good price. Can you imagine eating food amongst the local tribals in Rajasthan or Orissa with their cultural music and dance going on or brewing and drinking rice beer along with the villagers in Assam? You can experience the Lions in Gir and get carried away with the cultural heritage in Khajuraho. All this can only happen with Best of Journey’s programs.

Our team

The captains: -Two brothers from the beautiful Himalayan state of Uttaranchal, hails the ship of Best of Journey. They have been the driving force and mentors to start a travel company of excellence. The chief of the vehicle brings with him a decade of finance industry experience who have worked with many multi nationals during the tenure. However, the other skipper is from the entertainment industry and hails from Mumbai. His presence in the industry of glamour helped us to gain enormous contacts and variant travel ideas because he was fresh and new to the travel world.

The overseer: – She has the experience of travel industry for over half a decade in organizing tours. She possesses skills of a managerial level travel professional. Coming from one of the oldest inhabited cities on earth, Varanasi, she has gained plentiful knowledge in making beautiful itineraries which are subjective, theme based especially designed for the people from a foreign land coming to visit India.

The back bones: -Younger lot – We have people from the best tourism schools in the country hailing from North East to the western tip of India and working with us since inception. They bring in the passion, zeal and intensity to work in the most enviable jobs in the world.

Business relationship

They have a unique ability to interact with different people and explain what we can offer. Having gained knowledge in Hotel industry and also marketing have helped us a lot to explore the realities of Travel sales and making a relationship with different guests.

Human Resource and PR

Man management has become one of the most integral part of the industry today. We believe the only distinction between a successful and a non successful organization is the quality of manpower. She shows empathy, is very much approachable by everyone in the company and offcourse a very good listener.


Avid travelers hailing from different parts of the nation. A sense of togetherness in promoting different destinations of India, they have a unique fierceness to explore the unexplored and bring the same to the programs and products they create.


Devoted, active, trustworthy, reliable and a very proactive person. He can also be said as an assertive, optimistic person and a good supporter too. He manages all the external details as well as the documentation particulars of the office. If you need anything in the office, get him.

Active destination tutor

Girish: – A traveler, a guide, a photographer and a naturalist. He rides down to the Himalayan villages every now and then with his camera on and gets a firsthand information on the unexplored destinations. This helps us to make very distinctive programs of the unknown. Vast experience in working as a travel journalist for a print media house and thus brings in a great value for us and the travel itineraries we make.

Sanjay: -A hardcore trekker, he lives in the hills of Uttaranchal half the year hiking and trekking different locations and arranging adventure tours for students and corporates. He is specialized in organizing trekking tours in Nangling, Duktu, Sela from Kathgodam and also Ghuttu ( Khatling glacier).

Ateeq: -He is a naturalist and a guide and resides in the jungles of Rathambore. He took hundreds of tourists into the jungles and showed every aspect of the forests from an animal’s eyes. He is known in the forest for various Tiger sighting experiences and makes a tourist feel the same amount of thrill and pleasure. He feels the amazing nature of a forest to be told to the world.

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