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Think you’re a fraud? Here’s how to feel confident in business

Think you’re a fraud? You are a fraud. At least, that’s what it feels like every time you turn up to work every morning. The boss of your own company? You think to yourself. You couldn’t manage your way out of a paper bag. You could barely manage yourself out of a paper bag with holes in it, like a …

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Facebook Launches WordPress Plugin today

Today 12th june 2012 Facebook gives a good news, Launches its own original WordPress Plugin. With so many 3rd party developers trying to build these things it was about time Facebook designed their own! Facebook just launched a PLUGIN for WordPress – wow, this is awesome news! “The plugin makes your site deeply social by integrating functionality from Facebook.” The plugin was built by …

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Linkedin the Latest Victim

Hackers news is everywhere, the trend is picking up. Linkedin with more than 150 Million users, is in trouble with hackers posting 6.5 million encrypted passwords on Russian Forum and invited hacking community for decryption. The report got confirmed when the Linkedin confirmed it on twitter that Our team is currently looking into reports of stolen passwords. Stay tuned for more. Twitter …

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Enable sharing Google + posts with Orkut friends

Its bound to happen, and earlier than we expected, Google announces the support for automatic sharing of Google+ Posts with your orkut friends. Google has been still maintaining the Orkut and introducing new features in Orkut platform lately. Orkut is having a slower death in countries like India, Brazil and Japan where still people prefer to use orkut other social …

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3G prices getting slashed

"prices slashed reduced"

Its still difficult for many not to imagine Dial up connections, where you type www.google.com in IE and eagerly await 5 minutes for the site to appear. The  broadband has really revolutionized Internet usage in India. The internet penetration has been good in India. You might be surprised to find the 3G connectivity is still poor in due to the rates. Now, …

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Promoted posts by Facebook short guide

facebook 900 million users

Facebook has been sailing through the rough sea. Heavy criticism over $1 Billion acquisition of Instagram, followed by a very poor show in NASDAQ, fb is the center of attraction for all the wrong reasons. Facebook has been making protifts and good revenue growth but, still they are unable to find a sustainable business model. Historically Facebook’s Ads has got …

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Nokia 808 PureView with 41MP Camera

"Pure view 808 41MP smart phone"

Nokia launched the most awaited phone – 808 PureView. The phone comes with one of the most exiting feature – 41MP camera. People can order for the phone from the Nokia website. The price tag is Rs. 29,999. Nokia PureView 808 has got the PureView imaging technology and the massive 41-megapixel camera sensor on-board. The smartphone also has exciting features …

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Linkedin rocks with 15 million users in India

"Startup growth"

LinkedIn is the largest professional social networking website has reached a significant milestone – 15 million users in India. LinkedIn started its India operations in November 2009 with a member base of 3.4 million. The company has been founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003. it is mainly used for professional networking. As of 9 February 2012, LinkedIn …

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Trinamool Congress Website hacked by Anonymous

Hacker group anonymous has been making rounds in India. After bringing down the websites of Department of Telecommunications and Reliance Big Entertainment, they found their latest target –Trinamool congress website, Bengal – AITMC – All India Trinamool Congress http://aitmc.org/. The hacking spree on Trinamool Congress website is not new, TMC website was already hacked by a Bangladeshi hacker group black Hat in …

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