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Company Name : EStyle Description : Merchandising(T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Mugs, Jerseys) Company Overview : Get custom designed clothing or choose from our versatile collection. We are committed to provide best quality along with best prices. We offer 14 different fabric colours and fabrics, like cotton, poly cotton..and many more. We offer 1) Screen Printing( Imported fabric Ink) 2)Sublimation Printing. 3)Digital Printing. ... Read More »


Company Name : Description : Unique Online Store for Tamil Books Company Overview : We love books and you! We are trying to connect you both. will make sure that the book you love to read is at your hand, without any troubles or hassles. We are committed to provide you an exciting and a memorable shopping experience ... Read More »

How to open Current Account in a Bank as Sole Proprietor


How to get a current bank account for my business? This is the Query we get almost everyday, so thought lets put some light on it. First of all its not mandatory to have a current account if you are doing business, its just that if your business handles lot of cash or handles lot of transactions per day or ... Read More »

‘The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value’


This Entrepreneurial Story is about Four Buddies who Founded ‘’ located in Ahmedabad, India. Founder’s Introduction : Rahul Saraf  worked with Infosys for the ‘big-company-business’ and got his bearings in entrepreneurship when he joined the family food processing business. He loves computer technology and e-commerce. He studied B.Tech from Nirma University and did an MBA from Cardiff University Rohan Saraf ... Read More »

‘Adrenaline rush is the only criteria on which we hire people’ Indra Prasad & Abhisek of CraftVeda Retail Pvt Ltd


This Entrepreneurial Story is about Indra Prasad Ghatak & Abhisek Sengupta who Founded ‘CraftVeda Retail Pvt Limited’ located in Kolkata, India. About : Indra Prasad Ghatak- B.E,Computer Science, Jadavpur University, Indra was previously working in PriceWaterHouse Coopers as a Consultant. Art lover, any form Abhisek Sengupta- B.E,Computer Science, IEM previously worked in TCS as an Analyst When Started: The company has been ... Read More »

Crush Entertainment


Company Name : Crush Entertainment Description : An Ultimate Gifting Portal Company Overview : is a vibrant site, which aims to provide the best quality gifts at affordable price. In this fast moving era at many instances we don’t have time to select and wrap a gift for our loved ones, but now with it is no more ... Read More »

Marketing Ideas for the Digital Age


Much of marketing has and always will come down to how effectively a product, service or idea is communicated. Many years ago (and to some extent still today), this would mean how good a speaker or street vendor was at selling his or her product. How confident they were in conveying all the necessary information and how charismatic they were ... Read More »

Team Building and Morale


If there is more than one person involved in a business then success will require teamwork and cooperation. Though often talked about as important these items are generally overlooked as well. A proper team can accomplish more collectively than the sum of the individuals work. Teamwork will allow individuals to focus on strengths and the greater productivity in areas of ... Read More »

Do your Risk Assessment


It seems that in every industry there are a number of specific risks. In law, a lawyer runs the risk of not being paid if he or she fails to win a case for their client. In the world of movies, an actor runs the risk of being typecast if he or she does not try to distance themselves from ... Read More »

Promote Your Business through Online and Print media


Every business owner wants to be ahead of the game when it comes to marketing. Obviously, the more avenues that you are able to go down in terms of promoting your business, the further your reach will be and the more interest you will be able to generate amongst potential customers. With the now all-encompassing nature of the internet and ... Read More »