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How to Position and Brand your Product


Just like in real world real estate is very costly in your customer’s mind too and occupying that space in your customer minds is all about Positioning and Branding. How do you want your customers to remember your product and react to it. What is Positioning in Marketing terms It is many things but in simple terms it is What …

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How to Define Your Target Audience and Target Market


Good Marketing can get you 80% of the success. Building a great product or service is not enough in today’s world, but to know how exactly to present it to your customer is what gets you success. Target Audience Hey…don’t ever say “everybody is” your target audience, because it a bad plan to impress everyone on this earth. Target Audience is the most …

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On: Jun 25, 2012 @ 3:17 AM IP: Company Name: Socialite.In Description: Social Media & Networking Homepage URL: http://www.Socialite.In Email: [email protected] Logo: Overview: Socialite.In is the only dedicated portal on the lives and lifestyle of genuine Indian Socialites. About the only and not the also. A labor of love, like well aged bubbly, this portal was born as a …

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7 Common Web-Content Mistakes That Affect Your SEO

Author: Karan Chopra Founder & CEO at G2One Network and Editor at I2Mag (Internet and Design Inspiration Magazine) loves design, technology, and Out of box thinking. Right from the day 1, when we launch our site, our first major aim is to bring the site on Google Page 1 and for that we usually opt for Search Engine Optimization or in …

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On: Jun 14, 2012 @ 11:34 AM IP: Company Name: Flickstime Description: Flickstime.com is the only website of Ahmedabad which gives you accurate and updated information of Movie Show Timings and Ticket Rates of all the Multiplexes and Cinema houses of Ahmedabad. A website dedicated to movie goers of Ahmedabad. Homepage URL: http://www.flickstime.com Email: [email protected] Industry: Entertainment Number of …

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How to Get Great Friends on Facebook

I have seen many people want to use Facebook as marketing tool but the thing they forget is that to get your message across lots of people you have to first have lots of people in your friend list.  Some people take it very personal as in, if i don’t know/never met that person, then i should not add them …

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Facebook Launches WordPress Plugin today

Today 12th june 2012 Facebook gives a good news, Launches its own original WordPress Plugin. With so many 3rd party developers trying to build these things it was about time Facebook designed their own! Facebook just launched a PLUGIN for WordPress – wow, this is awesome news! “The plugin makes your site deeply social by integrating functionality from Facebook.” The plugin was built by …

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How to Get Separate Mobile website for Startups

In our previous article, we highlighted the importance of having a mobile friendly website and what is the importance. We would suggest you read the article before reading further Get Responsive Website to make your website Mobile Friendly. Concept of Responsiveness makes single website look different on different screens, whereas mobile website concept makes different websites for desktop and mobile. After reading you …

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Birds Eye Systems Pvt. Ltd

Birds Eye Systems Pvt. Ltd On: Jun 11, 2012 @ 10:47 AM IP: Company Name: Birds Eye Systems Pvt. Ltd Description: A company started with vision to streamline traffic flows in developing cities Homepage URL: http://www.traffline.com/ Email: [email protected] Industry: Transport Number of Employees: 20 Logo:  Overview: Company Overview Birds Eye started with the simple vision of utilizing technology to …

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Guerrilla Marketing for Indian Startups

Most people feel Marketing is the most expensive and complex subject. But here I present to you Guerrilla Marketing which, if dealt with atmost creativity can not only save but earn you a fortune. Big Problem that a startup can face is Capital to develop the product or service they want to offer, and then comes the marketing stuff which if …

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